07 December 2008

Fashion Show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!

My roomie Steph and I. She did my hair and I loved it!
I love my hair!!

Cadet Liening and me :)

So here are all the pics my roomie took. I had a great night and loved getting all dressed up.

2 A.M.

BYU ROTC Army Ball, swing dancing, more swing dancing at a local cafe until 2 A.M.
I am exhausted and my legs hurt.
Pics of me in my beautiful dress to come!
Great night. Good times.
Peace out.

01 December 2008


Four days until my cousin, Elder Blaine Chadwick, returns from his mission. He has been serving in the Denver Colorado South mission - spanish speaking. Sixty-four days until my friend from high school, Elder Michael Hanson, returns from the Philippines Bacalod mission. I cannot believe how fast two years goes by (in retrospect of course). I am very proud of Elder Chadwick for his decision to serve and for doing so with excitement and dedication. Elder Hanson has overcome many trials during his mission and I hold him in the greatest respect. I have seen how serving a mission not only blesses the life of the missionary, but also the lives of the family members they left at home. I cannot think of a greater life experience I could ask for my brother to have. It is my hope that Nelson will choose to serve a mission and dedicate his life to serve the Lord for two years.