29 January 2010

100 Days

Today (okay, so yesterday...I haven't gone to sleep yet which means that it's still technically Thursday...just go with it) marks 100 days until Tyson and I get married! Gah! I'm excited and anxious and a little nervous all at the same time. So, Tyson and I cut construction paper into strips and I am going to put together a paper chain: one link for every day until we get married.
Side note: my mom comes tomorrow! I'm thrilled that she'll be here this weekend. Here's what we're doing this weekend: 1) dress shopping; 2) find me a new digital camera; 3) get fabric swatches of my wedding colors; 4) The Old Spaghetti Factory! YUM!; 5) check out our reception venue; 6) Bride Expo; 7) talk "cake" with Liz. Phew. That's a lot. I'm glad my mom will be here to help me out. Yay for moms!!

27 January 2010


P.S. I sent my digital camera in to be fixed after Christmas and we have still had NO word as to what is wrong and if it's even worth it to pay and have it fixed. At this point, we might as well just buy a new one. Speaking of new one, Tyson bought himself an iPod today. It's the big one. Not gonna lie...I'm pretty jealous. My little iPod cannot hold anything close to my whole library full of songs. Someday I'll have a slightly bigger one. I'm not really concerned about it though. My iPod works splendidly. And that's good enough for me.

Beaded, Lace, or what?

I went dress browsing today. I refuse to call it shopping because I have no intention of purchasing a dress from the place where I went browsing.
Scene: Tuesday afternoon. Orem, Utah. University Mall.
So, I tried on a bunch of dresses and came to some conclusions.
Conclusions and other miscellaneous points of interest
1) I HATE BEADING. Sorry. I just don't think it looks very good. Too gaudy.
2) Lace is extremely pretty but the dress designers that work for that place don't get how to make it work on a dress without beading (See #1).
3) Satin is a very heavy material aka not good for dancing.
4) I definitely would like to try and have a bird-cage veil.
5) My favorite dress that I tried on was completely plain. No beading (See #1). No lace. No ribbon on the trim. Nothing. Just a plain, simple, white dress. I tied a sash around my waist and placed a cage veil on my head and couldn't stop smiling.
6) I don't do "not eating dinner" well. Feed me, Seymour.
7) I love musicals. They make me happy when other things seem to be suffering.
8) My mother is Wonder Woman. She has done so much for me this past week and I get to see her this weekend. Mom, you're the best.
9) K'nex is an impressive first date. Trust me.
10) I have the best fiancé in the world. I love him very, very much even though he pouts about not being able to go dress shopping with me. Sorry, love!!
There you have it. I'm sure there will be more to come.

26 January 2010

Mental Health

Like mother, like daughter.
I've been engaged (at 8:30pm tonight) for one week. In this time I have scheduled two different temples, picked colors, decided on a cake, searched for reception venues, started a guest list, met a good portion of Tyson's extended family, and somehow, stayed up on my homework.
Yesterday was the exception. I couldn't handle it anymore. I went to work, Tyson came home with me for lunch and we decided to look at some more venue possibilities because the one we wanted is already booked. Sigh. I put my head on Tyson's knee and just gave up. It became quickly clear that any sort of productive behavior was going to be a horrible mess. What to do! I got into my PJ's, turned on A&E's Pride and Prejudice, snuggled up with my nannie aka blanket (and Tyson, of course) and tried to stop freaking out about planning.
This is absurd. Luckily, my mother is coming up this weekend and a lot of really good things will happen. Friday: wedding dress appointment; fabric store to find fabric swatches; nails (possibly); and dinner with mom and Tyson. Saturday: check out venues (if we have any prospects); chat with my aunt Liz about our cake; attend the Bridal Expo; and other delightful activities.
I am hoping that getting all of these things taken care of this weekend will greatly decrease the likelihood of me losing my mind. My mother tends to plan plan plan plan plan plan plan and I do believe I may have picked up that trait from her.
Thanks, Mom. PS Come soon!

22 January 2010

Post-Proposal Pic

Say 'Hello' to the future Mr. and Mrs. Tyson Remy.
Doesn't that just sound lovely? Well, we sure like it. This photo was taken after Tyson proposed to me on Tuesday, 19 January, 2010. We danced, he proposed, he danced some more...it was precious. My mom is an especial fan of "HOW" he did it for this reason: I had told Tyson that I didn't want to be proposed to in a public place. And he did it anyway. My mom thinks it's hilarious that I'm not in control here. I don't have a superb picture of my GORGEOUS ring, but I will work on that and get back to you.
The last few days have flown by and I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of getting married to the most wonderful man I have ever known. GAH! I'm so excited!
As far as details on the big day: May. Some Saturday in May. Either the 15th, 22nd, or 29th. We don't know yet. We DO know that we'll be getting married in the Bountiful Temple (which I've actually never seen) and that it's going to be a spectacular day. My aunt, Liz, is doing my cake and I'm so excited to work with her while making decisions about cake 'cause "everybody loves cake."
I am a little sad that my mom is in California and I'm in Utah. This means that she can't really help me plan so I'm left a little on my own. Luckily, I have fabulous roommates, an incredible bestie, and, of course, a first-class sweetheart, who are all willing to help me out. Not to mention that Tyson's mom and sister, Chantel, will be helping out too. I just wish my mom could be here to help. She's doing all she can from California and I appreciate her help. The good news is that she'll be coming out a few times before May to help me nail down some details and help me de-stress for a while. This is going to be a crazy next four months and I cannot wait to get going!

20 January 2010

A funny thing happened at the Swing dance...

I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!

Details and the full story (plus pics) to come :)

Best. Tuesday. Ever.

15 January 2010

Spring Cleaning...in January

No plans. No boy. No dancing. What to do? CLEAN! ORGANIZE! THROW JUNK AWAY!
Yup, this Friday night, I stayed in and did a number on my room. Okay, so I did go to the temple with my cute boy to do baptisms. But after that he left for the night to SLC for a night of riotous dancing aka The Utah Lindy Exchange (ULX). I had nothing better to do so I got rid of a bunch of junk I never use, papers I don't want anyone to read because they're awful, notebooks I'll never read, and shoes I'll never wear. It feels really good to de-junk my room aka my life. I got rid of two trash bags and one box full of stuff. I actually re-thought my shoes and clothes a week ago. In that little event I got rid of nine pairs of shoes, three pairs of jeans, and four pairs of other pants. Needless to say, my closet, dresser drawers, and desk are looking more friendly. The only thing in my room I did not de-clutter is my bookshelf. I still have more books than I can shake a fist at and I'm okay with that. I fully intend on keeping them all. Even my Old English Literature book that I hate. I'm not one to throw away books. Anyways, I've enjoyed my evening and got to listen to GLEE, Michael Jackson, and my other fav tunes. Happy Friday!

Sweet Nothings

On Tuesday, I was having an awful day. Classes weren't working out, my job was being ULTRA-frustrating, and I just could not get out of the funk I found myself in that day. After work, I came out to my car and this was waiting for me.
I will just say that I am not usually a "roses" girl, however, these were the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen! PLUS, my favorite candy was accompanying the roses. Chocolate and roses? What could be better! I looked around for my cute boy but I didn't see his car anywhere. Turns out, my cute boy is very sneaky. He purposefully hid his car behind another car that looked just like his so I couldn't tell that he was there to see my reaction. On top of all this, he is the one that reminded me of the purpose behind this little surprise: two months. I totally spaced it. (Epic fail. I know.) After I finished classes for the day, we spent the rest of the night moving him into his new apartment and then we went out to eat at this new pizza spot in town. It was way good! Conclusion: an awful, horrid beginning of a day ended up being a wonderful, happy experience all because my cute boy decided he should get me some flowers.

11 January 2010

Hello, Stranger.

I haven't done much blogging lately and I apologize for neglecting my blog-related responsibilities. The good news is that most of what's been going on can be simplified into a short list:
  • I survived Fall 2009 semester!! Right after I did all of my finals in three days, I headed back to California for Christmas.
  • Christmas was fantastic! I got to spend a lot of time with my family and we even did some new touristy things like taking a tour of Warner Brothers Studios.
  • Tyson's family went on vacation to California for Christmas so I partied with them for a few days too. They are so much fun! It was great to get to know them.
  • Winter 2010 semester began January 4. I'm looking forward to this new semester and am very excited for my courses.
  • I am now a Home Evening Coordinator for my ward aka FHE Mom. My group partner is one of my best friends in my ward. We're going to have a great time!
  • I participated in a Community Choir last semester and have been selected as the Soprano Section leader for this upcoming semester. I'm honored to have the position and anticipate wonderful things from the girls in my section.
That is the low-down of the last few weeks. I resolve to be better at blogging this year. Don't confuse that resolve with any type of New Year's resolution. I didn't make one this year. I just couldn't come up with anything that wasn't lame. So I've decided to just let it go. Who cares! I will say this: I am extremely excited for this new year. I cannot WAIT to see what will change in my life for the better this year. I'll keep my fingers crossed!!