21 January 2011

BYU Reflection

I can't believe I am writing a post about my last full semester at BYU. After five years of college, the end is in sight. I have to say though, college has been quite the experience. Mind you, not the same experience as some of my friends from high school but still, an experience. Let's recap.

Year One: Freshman at BYU-Idaho. English Major. Music Minor. Viking Marching Band. Living in a dorm with one of my best friends from high school. Start swing dancing.
Year Two: Sophomore at BYU-Idaho. Still an English Major. Still a Music Minor. Continue swing dancing. Resident Assistant in a different dorm than before. Become good friends with my co-workers. BYU-Idaho Women's choir. Apply and get accepted to BYU. Rexburg Idaho Temple is dedicated.
Year Three: [Summer] Sophomore at BYU. No real roommates for my first summer. Continue swing dancing. Change majors (HUZZAH!). English Language Major. Music and Editing Minor. [Fall] Try out Spanish (Fail). [Winter] Working for BYU Independent Study.
Year Four: [Summer] Junior at BYU. Study Abroad in UK. [Fall] Almost went on a mission. Meet Tyson. [Winter] Get engaged to Tyson. Start learning American Sign Language (LOVE)
Year Five: [Summer] Get Married. [Fall] Still loving ASL. Called as Ward Choir Director. [Winter] Last full semester. Preparing to graduate. Suffering from excessive tiredness ;)

What's in the future? Spring will be the term when I take my last two classes at BYU. That term is over in June and then graduation is in August. Tyson and I are looking at houses or other apartments for rent. Our apartment now is lovely but really far from campus.

I have had a lot of really tough experiences at BYU. I'm grateful that I had a firm assurance that I was supposed to come here. If I had not known for sure, I think I would have given up a while ago. Good thing I didn't though! I would have never met Tyson! My time at BYU has taught me to be patience, hard-working, responsible, and humble. Through all the ups and downs, I have pressed forward with the help of my family and friends. Without them I could not have survived the craziness of BYU. I'm grateful that I came here for school but I'm really ready to say "PEACE OUT" to dear old Brigham Young.

Only downside: can't leave Provo for a while. Tyson won't graduate for almost three years so we're stickin' around. And you know what? It'll be awesome!