19 December 2013

Everything Will Work Out

Usually Tyson is the one who says this to me, not the other way around. He had applied for a job and had two interviews. Today we found out that he did not get that job. It was quite a blow for us since we really need him to be working and to say this job would have been perfect is probably an understatement. So, now it's back to KSL and LinkedIn and Utah's Job site to find jobs for him to apply for.
Tyson did take his last final today for the semester. Yay!! We are looking forward to spending some time with his family for the holidays. William continues to be super adorable. He's started this habit of putting his arms right around my neck and giving me big hugs. Tonight at dinner he randomly puckered up his lips and made that pre-kiss sound "mmmmmmmm" until I gave him a kiss. MELT MY HEART! He's such a sweetie. We're very lucky to have such a kind and adventurous son. I know he won't always snuggle up with me and give me kisses so I'm going to carry on loving every single precious moment.

09 December 2013

This Weekend

I have lots of stuff to blog about that I've been putting off but I needed to get this all down before it gets fuzzy.

Tuesday, December 3rd, Utah Valley got hit with a BIG snowstorm. While I was driving, the check engine light came on. We took it to our mechanic, Dave, on Thursday, December 5th. He was going to detail the car and do the 100,000-mile tune-up. Saturday morning he called us to let us know that his shop had been robbed and our car had been stolen. He lost about $10,000 worth of tools. The baddies loaded up our car with the tools and stole our car.

Luckily, Dave had given us a loaner white minivan (ghetto fab) so we weren't stranded. Sunday morning the cops called and said they had found our car! The baddies used it as a getaway car when they tried to rob a jewelry store in north Provo. What they didn't know is that our car is special. Not Herbie special, but it has this cool feature where if you leave it unlocked for too long the car will auto-lock. The baddies didn't know that so when they went to be baddies and the car locked on them. So when the armoured security guard showed up, they had to abandon our car.

The car was towed and put in an impound lot so we went and picked it up today. We had to pay $275 to get it out of the lot but Dave wrote us a check for it, no questions asked. The baddies stabbed the dome lights in the car (WHY?!) so Dave is replacing those. Some of the leather got torn and there are grease stains from the mechanic tools. Dave is going to fix it all. I'm glad we got our car back so quickly and I'm so grateful Dave is an honest man.

On top of that, our babysitter, Valerie, is in the hospital. When we went to pick up William today at about noon, she didn't answer the door, William did. Valerie looked like she was sleeping in her recliner but she opened her eyes and was looking around so I didn't think anything of it. That is, until she didn't get up or talk to me. She just sat there, blinking. I was looking for William's shoe which I found in the play room which was TRASHED. For William to do that much mess-making he was probably playing unsupervised for at least an hour. I'm glad he was safe though. He could've gone right out the front door and onto a busy-ish street. Anyways, Valerie finally stood up and kinda wandered around for a minute. Then she started eating Cool Whip with a spoon. She'd take a bite and then hold the spoon at eye level and circle it around in the air. She wouldn't respond to me or let me take the spoon or move. She just stood there. Suddenly she started talking but none of it made any sense. 

Tyson called 911. The paramedics took Valerie's temperature and they pricked her finger to test her blood sugar level. Her temp was 102.7 and her blood sugar level was just shy of 500, which is a serious emergency. She had never mentioned being diabetic to me and she's told me lots of stuff about her medical history. The paramedics and I searched the kitchen and bathroom for medications. They determined that she's probably diabetic. 

The paramedics loaded her up and took her to the hospital. I have no idea if she'll be okay or what will happen to her. Her family just suffered the loss of her ex-husband so they're having a tough time anyway.

Needless to say, things have been crazy here. We are grateful that the three of us are safe and doing relatively well. We are praying for Valerie and her family. Tyson's family is helping us by watching William the rest of this week.

Not having a babysitter has been a plague basically since William was born. We were so happy with Valerie and we hope she recovers soon. Tyson doesn't have a job right now but he does have classes he can't miss. And I can't miss work so we NEED a babysitter. I'm so grateful to Tyson's family. They're the best.