19 December 2013

Everything Will Work Out

Usually Tyson is the one who says this to me, not the other way around. He had applied for a job and had two interviews. Today we found out that he did not get that job. It was quite a blow for us since we really need him to be working and to say this job would have been perfect is probably an understatement. So, now it's back to KSL and LinkedIn and Utah's Job site to find jobs for him to apply for.
Tyson did take his last final today for the semester. Yay!! We are looking forward to spending some time with his family for the holidays. William continues to be super adorable. He's started this habit of putting his arms right around my neck and giving me big hugs. Tonight at dinner he randomly puckered up his lips and made that pre-kiss sound "mmmmmmmm" until I gave him a kiss. MELT MY HEART! He's such a sweetie. We're very lucky to have such a kind and adventurous son. I know he won't always snuggle up with me and give me kisses so I'm going to carry on loving every single precious moment.

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