27 September 2010

What's new?

Sorry, it's been forever since I have blogged about life. Tyson and I have been very busy with school and today is the first day I don't have homework to do while I'm at work. Here's what has been going on with us:
1) Decorating for Halloween. I know it's a little bit early, but we went to Deseret Industries and found some orange lights, eye lights that blink, and skeleton lights. I got some orange silk flowers to autumn-up my floral arrangement on our table. And Tyson bought himself a ninja costume.
2) Career Fair-ing. Last week, BYU hosted a huge engineering career fair. Dozens of companies came to recruit Chemical, Mechanical, and Computer Engineers. I snuck in and walked around with Tyson for a while. On Wednesday, we went to a dinner with some of the recruiters and I really enjoyed talking to them more personally. Since all the recruiters are BYU graduates, they were able to talk to us about the Church where they live, the neighborhoods, and the community. My favorite recruiter was a guy from Exxon Mobile who lives in Houston. I really liked what he had to say about the people he works with and the people in his ward. From what he was saying, I could definitely see myself being okay to live in Houston.
3) Swing Team-ing. Tyson and I auditioned for the Intermediate Swing Team last Saturday, and made the team! We're very excited. Tyson did team before his mission, but I've never done team before. Tuesday was our first practice, and it went pretty well. Tyson and I get to be partners and we're starting to work on some lifts and things which will be very sweet.
4) Choir Conducting. I am the new Ward Choir director. YAY!! This is my all-time favorite calling. Know what makes it even better? My dear friend, Steph (who moved into our ward with her hubby), is the choir pianist. YAY!! We're thrilled to be working together. I'm especially glad because they will be moving to Washington in June and I will miss them both dearly.
5) Latter-day Sounds Singing. I have been in Latter-day Sounds for two semesters; this is my third. Latter-day Sounds is a community choir, made up of BYU and UVU students. Anyone can join and we do two concerts a year: Christmas and Spring. Tyson is doing it with me this semester, which is sweet! Yesterday was our first rehearsal and the music we're doing is fabulous! Two people from my new ward are doing it too. Tyson and I recruited a lot of our friends so we're really excited to have another excuse to see our friends.

And of course we're still going to class and working. And Agatha continues to swim.

03 September 2010


Last Thursday, a very special woman passed away. After living many years after her husband had passed on, Hazel has finally joined him. My mom visit-taught Hazel almost the whole time we lived in FV and I had the special opportunity to spend a significant amount of time one-on-one with her while I was in High School. She even sent me a wedding gift! Hazel suffered a lot of pain and was confined to her bed in a nursing home. Despite her physical frailties, Hazel never complained. She always complimented others and whenever I spent time with her, she made me feel like the greatest person in the world. I loved Hazel. I still love Hazel. She was special to both my mother and me. Both of us will miss her dearly. We love you, Hazel. Have fun with Floyd :)