03 September 2010


Last Thursday, a very special woman passed away. After living many years after her husband had passed on, Hazel has finally joined him. My mom visit-taught Hazel almost the whole time we lived in FV and I had the special opportunity to spend a significant amount of time one-on-one with her while I was in High School. She even sent me a wedding gift! Hazel suffered a lot of pain and was confined to her bed in a nursing home. Despite her physical frailties, Hazel never complained. She always complimented others and whenever I spent time with her, she made me feel like the greatest person in the world. I loved Hazel. I still love Hazel. She was special to both my mother and me. Both of us will miss her dearly. We love you, Hazel. Have fun with Floyd :)

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Sherry said...

Very sweet Denise. I'm thinking of you all.