28 June 2009

Tomorrow, you're only a day away.

Well folks, after months of planning and preparation, I am leaving to the UK tomorrow. I cannot believe that the time has gone so quickly. When I first got accepted to the program I felt that the months could not be passing more slowly. Suddenly, I had to pack up and head home to California before leaving to Ireland. Now that it's finally upon me, I am experiencing some pre-departure jitters and butterflies. I know that I'll have a splendid time and look forward to all the amazing experiences I will have with all the other folks on this study abroad program.
Our program actually has its own blog for which I am an author. If you would like to keep up with all the things I'll be doing, please direct your browser to http://englishlanguageinbritain.blogspot.com.
I'll do my best to keep MY blog updated as best I can, but I make no promises. Be sure to leave lots of comments on any posts I do make so I will be more motivated to post entries.
Peace out USA! I'll be back in six weeks!

09 June 2009

Flat in London

Here is a picture of the flats we'll be staying in once we get to London.
I'm so excited!!

New Blog

Hey everybody! So I leave for the United Kingdom in 17 days...and I'm super excited! Our group has started a blog for all our many adventures and I would love for you all to "follow" it. I don't know how often it will be updated but our whole group will be posting pictures and stories of our many exciting adventures. And I'll do my best to keep my blog updated, filling you in on the fabulous things I'll be doing and learning with in the United Kingdom. Woot!