08 June 2012

Once we went to California

We went to California in April to visit my family. I will have to do a picture-only post but I wanted to include the ones I had with me at work. (Can you tell how busy we are? It's Friday afternoon, and my boss and the chair of the department left more than 40 minutes ago.)

Jane and I took William to the L.A. Zoo. He loved it!

Lunch at Los Gringos's new location.


The whole fam!

Family Picture after church

Eloise and William

We were so lucky to find someone to watch William while Tyson and I are at work. I have known my friend Laura my whole life. Her parents are friends with my parents so we grew up thinking we were pretty much related. Laura has a baby girl, Eloise, who is just over a year old. William and Eloise get along so well! It makes me happy to know that my baby is safe and loved. Here are some pictures of Eloise and William from last week (Eloise is teaching William all the things she knows including "how to make a mess", which William CLEARLY loves):