23 June 2008

Hawaii Trip Day 1

Captains Log
Day One: Hawaii Trip 2008

Today began our journey to Hawaii as a family. We departed our home at about noon to head for the Los Angeles International Airport. Our flight was set to take off at 3:15pm. We arrived, checked our bags, and entered the terminal. As my family secured a sections of seats in the waiting area I thought to myself "Now what on earth am I going to do for two hours before we board the plane?"
Within the hour another plane pulled up to another gate in the area surrounded by firemen and trucks. Firemen came and put up police tape around a section of the seating area and asked everyone in that area to please relocate. Turns out there was a wiring problem in that plane. So they emptied the plane and gave them the one that was to fly us to beautiful Hawaii. The attendents estimated an hour wait. Four o' clock rolls round...still no plane to take us to our destination. Then we learn that the plane with the wiring problem is under repair in the hopes that within a few hours it will be able to carry us across the Pacific Ocean.
No worries! Nelson taught be a new card game. Or rather, a variation of a card game I already knew. We played the same game for at least an hour and a half with Nelson beating me royally. Finally at about seven thirty we receive food vouchers from the airline: ten dollars a person. Dad, Jane, Katie and I head off to Chili's and order one of just about everything on the appetizer menu. As we are waiting in line I get a call on my cell phone from my mum. Our flight was cancelled. Luckily she was fourth in line to talk to the attendents and my dad sprinted off to join her in line. One of the sharply dressed attendents pulled my dad aside and told him the best news we had received all day. All six of us were going to be put on a flight together the following day: in first class. That's right. Tomorrow afternoon at 3:15pm my family will be heading off to Hawaii riding first class at no extra charge.
Overall I think the only person who was becoming impatient was my mum. Dad, Nelson, Jane and I had a grand time playing cards and joking around. Katie had toys and coloring books and her iPod to entertain her. Poor Mum.
It is now eleven o' clock in the evening. After arriving home Jane and I drove Nelson to hang out with some friends and the two of us went to Ross for its final ten minutes of operation. Jane and I then came home to play Mozart together on the piano while Katie enjoyed a shower and Disney Channel.
Amongst all this chaos of our Hawaii trip being postponed and the like, I received news that a massive typhoon hit the Philippines yesterday right where a dear friend of mine is serving a mission. Luckily he was able to call home at two in the morning and his sister let me know that he is doing well (just a little wet).

11 June 2008

Memory Loss

All of the sudden I was awake. I looked over at my roommate's alarm clock.


Are you kidding me? Why am I awake? Oh well. Shower time.

Wait...what am I wearing...
Why am I still in my clothes from yesterday? Dress pants, diamond earrings, headband, socks...what the heck?!

I check my phone to make sure I haven't lost my mind. I never set an alarm for this morning.

I don't remember going to bed last night. All I remember is brushing my teeth and then plugging my phone in. After that, it's totally lost.

Later on today I came home from the Library and changed into my workout clothes for Aerobic Dance. I had twenty minutes before I needed to leave for class so I pulled out Preach My Gospel to pass the time.

Dozing off, I fought to maintain consciousness. I failed.

I woke up with ten minutes to spare and hastened for class. I got to the classroom and no one was there. I checked the clock. Twelve after. Someone should be here. I found another room with a computer in it to check my e-mail in case class was cancelled. No e-mail from my teacher.

I glance at the bottom right corner of the screen. Double take. 6:15pm? That's weird. This clock is wrong. I head back to the dance room and then a revelation occurs. I pull out my phone and check the time. 6:16pm. I had slept for an hour on the couch at home and had missed class.

Obviously not my day.