11 June 2008

Memory Loss

All of the sudden I was awake. I looked over at my roommate's alarm clock.


Are you kidding me? Why am I awake? Oh well. Shower time.

Wait...what am I wearing...
Why am I still in my clothes from yesterday? Dress pants, diamond earrings, headband, socks...what the heck?!

I check my phone to make sure I haven't lost my mind. I never set an alarm for this morning.

I don't remember going to bed last night. All I remember is brushing my teeth and then plugging my phone in. After that, it's totally lost.

Later on today I came home from the Library and changed into my workout clothes for Aerobic Dance. I had twenty minutes before I needed to leave for class so I pulled out Preach My Gospel to pass the time.

Dozing off, I fought to maintain consciousness. I failed.

I woke up with ten minutes to spare and hastened for class. I got to the classroom and no one was there. I checked the clock. Twelve after. Someone should be here. I found another room with a computer in it to check my e-mail in case class was cancelled. No e-mail from my teacher.

I glance at the bottom right corner of the screen. Double take. 6:15pm? That's weird. This clock is wrong. I head back to the dance room and then a revelation occurs. I pull out my phone and check the time. 6:16pm. I had slept for an hour on the couch at home and had missed class.

Obviously not my day.

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M&M Jones said...

How funny! The life of the college student right? Just wait till you have kids, it gets better :-). I hope your doing well. We are coming up there in August. I'll call you and give you more details so we can see each other.