28 February 2013

Let Down

Sometimes people let me down. And I just can't believe they could possibly do something like whatever it is they've done.

And then sometimes I let other people down. The majority of those times it was out of my control. But I still hate being a burden or an annoyance to my family and friends.

This happened to me today and I feel pretty much like the worst person ever. It's one of those things that I can't fix and it may have long-term negative consequences. I wish I could just bake some yummy treats to give to those I injured and say for the hundredth time "I'm Sorry" and maybe they would forgive me someday.

But for now I need to focus on being a positive influence for my husband and a good, attentive mother for my son. I need to focus on making better little choices so I can be an effective and influential parent, spouse, friend, co-worker, daughter, and sister. My Heavenly Father knows me. He knows the intentions and desires of my heart. I am grateful that even on days like today when I completely blow it, that God still loves me and He knows my total potential.

Tomorrow is a new day for new choices.