08 December 2009

There's a First Time for Everything

I fell on the ice today for the first time in four years of Idaho/Utah winters. It hurt a lot more than I expected it to. I'm going to have a killer bruise on my left hip tomorrow. Ooo...baby...

03 December 2009

Winter Semester 2010

Here is my schedule for next semester if all goes according to plan:

ASL 101 - Conversational ASL 1
DANCE 325 - Tap Dance Technique 1 (Intermediate Tap)
ELANG 350 - Basic Editing Skills
ELANG 351R- Editing Student Journals
LING 550 - Sociolinguistics
REL C 393R - LDS in Wartime

Seems crazy but I'm totally excited for next semester. I'm especially looking forward to ASL, tap, and sociolinguistics. I am taking socio with a good friend from my ward, a couple peeps from my Study Abroad and the professor for this course was my program director this summer! WE LOVE WENDY! It's gonna be good.