03 April 2012

The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

This is an email I sent to my parents. I didn't really feel like re-writing my experience so good ol' copy and paste helped me out.

Hey Mom and Dad!

Well, I wanted to send you the link to the Haiti Health Initiative website (http://haitihealthinitiative.org/) because I am going to be an editor for them! Paid, even!

Dad, I told Mom this story but I don't know if she told you.

On Friday, Marc-Aurel (founder of HHI) came to our office looking to post a job for a student editor. He didn't really know what to put on the listing so I asked him about the job requirements and gave him some potential qualifications he could ask for in an editor. After talking with him for 30 minutes, he asked if I was an editor and when I told him I was he asked if I would be interested in working for them. I told him I could not work for free (which is what he wanted from a student editor) but that if they would be willing to pay me, I could definitely edit for them. I gave him a price range, told him about my experience as a student editor at BYU, and pointed out some of my flyer designs that were posted around the office. Marc-Aurel asked for my contact info and said he would discuss the option of paying me with the other two co-founders and he would get back to me. When I didn't hear anything today I figured they couldn't/didn't want to pay me and that is fine. I get it: student for free or pay me. Well, I got an email from him at 12:45am (it's 1:51am right now) saying that they would like to pay me to do a few projects for them this month. 

Can you believe it?! I feel so blessed right now. This will be a wonderful opportunity for me to do editing in a different genre AND what a great resume booster! Editing for a non-profit that is so cool? Totally. I am grateful that the Lord preserved my job as a secretary for me because it has been a HUGE blessing in our lives. My boss and co-workers are amazing and everyday I feel validated that my work and designs are helpful and good. And now I have the opportunity to do editing, from home, and get paid for it, and I didn't have to scour job postings to find it!

Life has been pretty difficult for our little family these past few months but it is moments like these that remind me that the Lord is mindful of our needs and righteous desires. I know that He loves me, that He loves Tyson, and that He is going to help us grow through these special trials.