22 September 2009

Latter-day Sounds

Who loves Christmas? I do!
I joined a Community Choir here in P-town called Latter-day Sounds. We are
a Christmas choir, bringing the joy of the Christmas season to our corner of Utah. This past Sunday was our first rehearsal and, let me tell you, we're already pretty fabulous. And that's with only five girls and a load of guys at our first go-round. Don't worry, there were two firesides going on that night so a lot of people were missing. Luckily, we have amazing directors and fabulous repertoire. I love Christmas music and I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to share my testimony of the Savior through music this upcoming season. If you are interested in attending our concert, it will be on Sunday, December 13. Details will be forthcoming. You can also check the blog for the choir here.
Happy singing and Happy Christmas!

11 September 2009

Book Club

"What to do with all the free time you have?"
"What free time?"
"Join our book group!"
"I like books. Sure, why not?"

Moral of the story: I joined a book group! The first book we'll be reading is "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. I'm very excited to be exposed to all sorts of different novels. Hip Hip for literary expansion!