30 March 2009


You may be wondering why this post is entitled Thanksgiving. Well, let me enlighten you.
This past Thanksgiving my friend Sasha came home to California with me. She had a great time with my family and we loved having her party with us. We went to Hollywood, The El Capitan Theater, and, of course, Disneyland. Unfortunately, my camera went on the fritz and refused to work that day so we took pictures all day with the camera on my cell phone. As I no longer have texting capabilities, I had no way of transferring the pics from my phone to my computer. Four months later, my roomie's boyfriend just happened to hear me discussing the problem with a friend and of course, he had the solution! So without further ado...Disneyland pics featuring Jane, Sasha and Denise. Woo!

This is the link to the album. Hope it works!

26 March 2009

Water Shortage

I am apparently not drinking enough water, especially because Utah is very dry. So I bought myself a reusable water bottle and have been drinking close to 80 ounces of water a day. If you have never tried to drink the recommended amount of water for your weight, try it. It's hard! I have a really hard time drinking water from our tap because there are floaties in it. Honest! In order to get my fill of delicious water, I bought a Brita Water Pitcher. It is fabulous! I love having access to clean, cold water whenever I want. With these new additions to my kitchen aids, I have been retaining more nutrients and flushing my body of toxins. Yay for being more healthy!

24 March 2009

Movie Stars

So, I'm from California right? Right. But I have to come to Utah to meet movie stars. Random.
Adam Johnson from Charly and other various "Mormon" movies
Seen at Wal-Mart. Actually, I'm pretty sure he was following me. And when I passed him in the aisle, in response to my "Excuse us" he said "Certainly." Yeah, we had a moment.

Sister Tanner, former General Young Women's President
Seen at Macy's in the Soda/Beer Aisle. I'm pretty positive she was not in the aisle for the beer. My friend Katie thinks we should've checked her cart for the final say on the Word of Wisdom. She was looking fantastic in a green dress suit. Huzzah.

13 March 2009

Where in the world is the White family?

Yesterday I spent at least an hour on the phone with my mum discussing the family travel plans for this summer. Included is a calculation of total distance miles for the summer from Los Angeles to our destinations. Side note: Numbers will be off as I will be traveling around Europe and do not know yet how many collective miles I will be traveling once in the United Kingdom:

Los Angeles to Honolulu (round-trip): 5,132
Los Angeles to Shannon, Ireland: 5,096
Los Angeles to Marburg, Germany: 5,742
Edinburgh, Scotland to Los Angeles: 5,142
Los Angeles to Seattle: 959
La Crescenta to Ephraim to Fish Lake to Provo and then back to La Crescenta: 1,269

Total miles for the White Family: 23,340

Holy cow that's a lot of miles! We're world travelers now. Huzzah!