30 March 2009


You may be wondering why this post is entitled Thanksgiving. Well, let me enlighten you.
This past Thanksgiving my friend Sasha came home to California with me. She had a great time with my family and we loved having her party with us. We went to Hollywood, The El Capitan Theater, and, of course, Disneyland. Unfortunately, my camera went on the fritz and refused to work that day so we took pictures all day with the camera on my cell phone. As I no longer have texting capabilities, I had no way of transferring the pics from my phone to my computer. Four months later, my roomie's boyfriend just happened to hear me discussing the problem with a friend and of course, he had the solution! So without further ado...Disneyland pics featuring Jane, Sasha and Denise. Woo!

This is the link to the album. Hope it works!

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