24 March 2009

Movie Stars

So, I'm from California right? Right. But I have to come to Utah to meet movie stars. Random.
Adam Johnson from Charly and other various "Mormon" movies
Seen at Wal-Mart. Actually, I'm pretty sure he was following me. And when I passed him in the aisle, in response to my "Excuse us" he said "Certainly." Yeah, we had a moment.

Sister Tanner, former General Young Women's President
Seen at Macy's in the Soda/Beer Aisle. I'm pretty positive she was not in the aisle for the beer. My friend Katie thinks we should've checked her cart for the final say on the Word of Wisdom. She was looking fantastic in a green dress suit. Huzzah.

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Laura said...

You are a Mormon celeb magnet, Neesey!