13 March 2009

Where in the world is the White family?

Yesterday I spent at least an hour on the phone with my mum discussing the family travel plans for this summer. Included is a calculation of total distance miles for the summer from Los Angeles to our destinations. Side note: Numbers will be off as I will be traveling around Europe and do not know yet how many collective miles I will be traveling once in the United Kingdom:

Los Angeles to Honolulu (round-trip): 5,132
Los Angeles to Shannon, Ireland: 5,096
Los Angeles to Marburg, Germany: 5,742
Edinburgh, Scotland to Los Angeles: 5,142
Los Angeles to Seattle: 959
La Crescenta to Ephraim to Fish Lake to Provo and then back to La Crescenta: 1,269

Total miles for the White Family: 23,340

Holy cow that's a lot of miles! We're world travelers now. Huzzah!


Laura said...

Krikey! That is a lot of miles. Wish I could join in on a few of them.

AZ Chadwick's said...

What the ...... how come Arizona isn't on there? I know too HOT!!! I'd love to know who's going to be where. I guess I'll have to try a catch up with your mum. :-)