09 February 2009

11 and Counting

The last eleven days or so have been a little bit crazy for my family and for me.

I lost my first grandparent on Wednesday, January 28. My mother's mom passed away after suffering from heart failure (which is the simplified version of what really happened.) I had a really hard time dealing with this shock for the first day or so. I'm so grateful that I have family who live in the area who I could be with in those first few hours. I received a priesthood blessing from my hometeacher Matt (who also happens to be my co-chair on the music council) as well as words of council and comfort.

The Lord really does work in mysterious ways. My family has been so incredibly blessed through this whole experience and we have all felt our Savior's love in abundance over the last week. Miracles have occured, testimonies have been strengthened, and my family has come closer together.

My personal testimony of the Plan of Salvation and the sealing power, found only through sacred ordinances in the Temple of God, has been reaffirmed ten-fold. I will miss my grandmother dearly but I do not doubt that I will see her again. As my grandfather said to the cardiologist, "The Lord called her home" and she is having a glorious reunion with our family members who have gone on before us.


Ashley Jane said...

I am so sorry to hear that. I know what it feels like. I lost and have only lost 1 grandparent currently. But to end on a happier note, I did get your message a while back (sorry I have been terrible at not responding!) but we need to get together SOON! Call me when you are available :)

Laura said...

Neesey, this is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing! XO

Thuh Daynuh's said...

We had quite the extravaganza for Grandma... I think she was pretty darn pleased! :)