24 November 2008

Dress for the ROTC Ball

Here is a picture of my dress for the Army ROTC Ball. I love it! Unfortunately, I don't have it yet because there are some alterations that have to be made. But, I will have it in time for the ball!!

23 November 2008

December 6, 2008

Event Schedule for December 6, 2008:
Wake up.
Do homework.
Do hair.
Do makeup.
Get dressed.
Go to BYU Army ROTC Ball.

Yup, that's right! Saturday night at the BYU Swing Kids weekly swing dance, I was asked to the BYU Army ROTC Ball. I guess this is a pretty big event. All the girls will be in formals and all the gentlemen will be in their dress uniforms. Can you imagine how great they will all look? I'm pretty much REALLY excited to be going. I've never been to anything like this and I just know that my date and I are going to have a wonderful time. So, if anyone knows what goes on at an event like this I would really appreciate some information so I know what to expect.

22 November 2008

Photo Tag!

Happy Halloween! This is a pic of my dearest friend Estelle and me on campus on Halloween. Estelle is dressed and painted up as Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West. I am just looking precious in a T-shirt my mum bought for me. What a great Halloween!

19 November 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

Yesterday was my mother's birthday and I would just like to take a moment to express my deep love and appreciation for her. The longer I live away from home the more I appreciate the little things she still does for me even when I'm a few states away (like buying me ten packages of Ikea napkins for my birthday because she remembers how cool I've always thought they are). I love that I can call her and from California she can make things here in Utah seem a little more manageable. My mother is the most selfless, wonderful person I know, and I admire her for her unwavering dedication to the Gospel, her callings and our family. My mother is always thinking of others. For my mother's birthday I got a package from her with a beautiful necklace inside and pictures of my siblings.

She is my role model.

Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. Thank you for your continued support. Thank you for pushing me to follow my dreams and continually reminding me of the things that matter the most to me.

I love you Mom. Happy Birthday.

12 November 2008

Journal Jar Question #2

Where do you like to go to eat out? What do you order?

I like to eat out at several places. I do admit that some restaurants have captured my attention more completely lately.

Panda Express: Nothing says comfort food like a plate of fried rice accompanied by orange and mandarin chicken.

Chili's: This used to be my absolute favorite place to eat. One fateful day, the menu was changed and my favorite dish, tuna steak, was removed to make way for some other dish that was highly mediocre I'm sure.

Wendy's: Best fast food out there besides In 'N Out. Seeing as how Provo is not the host to an In 'N Out, Wendy's becomes the front runner.

Eddie's Sports Deli: This is a new place a girl in my ward showed me. It's on Center Street in Orem across from Target and next to Papa Murphey's. Their breakfast sandwiches are amazing! I bet their others are just as good, but I've only had one: The Champ. Eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheese on a Kaiser roll. Mmm....mmm...good!

Bajio: Mexican place. Closest thing to Los Gringos I can find so I make do.

And just for Mater and Jacob - La Dolce Vida: I've only been there twice but it made quite the impact on Jacob and Laura. Or more accurately, our waiter Chet, made a great first impression. So good, in fact, that Jacob wants Chet to play Edward in the upcoming Twilight movie because I guess Robert Pattinson is not attractive enough.

Family favorites: The Old Spaghetti Factory and CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). Tasty!

84 Days

Does anyone know any good ways to count down to a certain day? I know the whole paper-chain thing but I'm looking for something else. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing on the paper-chain-as-a-countdown idea. I just would like to know if there are any other ideas. Thanks!

P.S. Maybe the Chadwick's could use these ideas in relation to Elder Chadwick's homecoming. December 5, 2008!!!! Yay Elder Chadwick!

07 November 2008

Does this make me a geek?

Okay, I just found this video on YouTube. It's amazing.


Watch it. Love it.

May the force be with you.

06 November 2008

New Playlist

Howdy folks! Blog update...again...

I have updated my blog playlist and have some serious reccomendations for you.
While all of the songs on this playlist are amazing, if you have not heard the following songs I am very sorry for you. Hurry up and listen good.
  • Gimme A Chance - Plain White T's
  • Princes and Frogs - Superchic[k]
  • Grace Kelly - Mika
  • The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
  • Sweet Child of Mine - Guns n' Roses
  • Tribute - Tenacious D

Tenacious D is a two-man rock group featuring Jack Black. That's right. In fact, check out the music video for Tribute. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcJwz7wu8_s It's pretty much amazing. If you like that one, check out Wonder Boy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSfkuOBpJxU Word of warning: most of Tenacious D's repetoire is not exactly "For the Strength of Youth" worthy. So don't watch or listen to anything else by them.

I pretty much LOVE "Grace Kelly." That song plays at the beginning of What Happens in Vegas which fits that movie perfectly.

"Princes and Frogs" was played for me by a friend of mine and I totally loved it. I mean, how could you not?

I had the ending of the chorus to "Gimme A Chance" stuck in my head all day once and I could not for the life of me remember the title of the song. My friends even texted Cha Cha and they didn't know the title either! It was maddening to say the least.

Anyways, here is my new playlist. Hope you like it!

05 November 2008

Journal Jar Question #1

Tell about the house(s) you lived in during your childhood. Do you remember the addresses or phone numbers?

Hold on to your hats folks. This is going to be one lengthy discussion of my childhood. Seeing as how my family moved approximately every three to four years I have had several dwellings.

Orem, Utah: Happy Birth of me! My parents pride and joy. I was born October 3, 1988 in American Fork, Utah. Not only was this a big day for my parents, my aunt Sherry also had a rather exciting day. She won a handmade quilt and pillow in a raffle at the hospital. Yay homemade crafted gifts! My first home was a bottom floor apartment in Orem, Utah. I was very jaundice as a baby and had to lay in an incubator wearing shades and chillaxin under the light. I was destined to be a California girl. My family went back a few years ago so I could see my first home and all I remember is that the building is brown. I believe my mom told me that the snow would cover up the windows because we were on the bottom floor.

Glendale, California: Birth of Nelson! Not nearly as exciting as me coming into the world (of course) but still pretty fun. This apartment complex was a couple of floors. The front entrance of the building was covered in blue tiles. Kinda strange, but hey, it's Glendale. From pictures I would dance and sing to Wizard of Oz and probably any other Disney movie.

Beaverton, Oregon: Birth of Jane! Yay for my first little sister! I loved Oregon. I loved the rain, the beautiful landscapes, and of course, the Tillamook cheese. This house was at the corner of a cul da sac and it was beautiful. It was white with green trim. The backyard sloped down to the street and we had a white picket fence. Inside the house, we had a sliding door that separated the hall from the kitchen. A "Don't Eat Pete" game board got stuck back behind the door. I'm not pointing fingers, but I'm pretty sure Nelson is to blame! Oregon is also where I broke my arm by falling off the monkey bars. From then on, no monkey bars for me.

Valencia, California: Birth of Katie! Yay for my littlest sister! Valencia was a good time. We moved into a brand new neighborhood. It was so new that there were still houses being built at the end of our cul da sac. Also it was so new that a few streets had no houses on them! My friends Noelle, Brittany, and I would ride our bikes in the dirt. It was a party. Our family got our first dog, Burnsey here in Valencia. Our house was very clean looking. Our front lawn however was a disaster. We could have had an ogre living in the swamp that was our front lawn. I don't know why it was like that, but we could never get it to be dry. We had a garden on the side of our house complete with boysenberry bushes. The pro's of that house were the big backyard we were blessed with and the way cool jack-and-jill style kids rooms. We also had Grandma's old swing set and all that extra space in the backyard was great for jumping off the swings.

Fountain Valley, California: Ah, middle school and high school years. I loved it here. Fountain Valley was definitely my favorite place to call home. Our house was a behemoth though. Seriously. We had two master bedrooms; one of which had a closet so big that Jane called it her room for a while. Coolest feature of the house: the laundry shoot. I had never seen anything like that and I loved it! Worst part of the house (besides the size): all the windows downstairs coupled with the location of the house aka backing up to a busy street. I was always paranoid of being home alone at night downstairs. I figured that someone could hope the wall and come attack me. It was a legit fear! That and when we first got there, the windows had no curtains. Creepy! The schools were amazing. I loved our ward. Oh yeah, and we lived super close to the beach. I miss my beach cruiser. That thing was amazing. I could ride for hours! Another fav part of the house was my parents bathroom. Sick, nasty pink tile (even on the walls), plus a "beam me up Scotty" shower, plus a jet tub. Okay, the jet tub was pretty sweet. I'll give the bathroom props for that. Also, my room in that house was amazing! I went on a pioneer trek with our Stake and when I got home Diana and Kyle made me wait downstairs because they had decorated my room and it wasn't done yet. If I'm not mistaken, Kyle was getting candles or potpourri or something very similar. I LOVED THAT ROOM!! Yellow walls, purple velvet comforter, floral curtains, white furniture with gold accents...amazing. I was so sad to leave that house. Thanks again Diana and Kyle!

And most recently, though most likely not last...La Crescenta, California: Yay for turning sixteen, going to my first high school dance, getting my driver's licence, graduating high school all in this house. Smaller than the FV house, but more put together. We live on a mountain so the house is a tri-level. Parents, Jane, and Katie room upstairs; family, living, dining rooms and kitchen on middle floor; Nelson's bachelor pad and garage downstairs. I love looking out the back windows down on Los Angeles especially at night or on a clear day. Complete with pool and fire pit this house is the ultimate hang-out place. It sure helps that my mom feeds everyone who comes over! This house faces the Los Angeles National Forest although it doesn't look like much of a forest to me. I love this house and love coming home from college to this beautiful home and to my family. Fountain Valley may have been my favorite place to live, but home is wherever my family resides. Love at home!

Journal Jar

I am not the most dilligent journal writer...or blogger for that matter. While I was contemplating my lack of motivation to write in my journal I remembered a journal jar I made while in Young Women's. Last night I pulled it out and read the instructions on the jar which reads as follows: "This little jar celebrates something very important - YOU! If you will follow a simple plan, you will find that before this time net year, you will have a very personal, Personal History finished! All you need to do is draw out one slip of paper each day (or at least once a week - but it will take longer to finish this way.) ON it you will find a question. Spend a few minutes and just enjoy remembering. Then paste the question at the top of a blank page, and begin to tell all about it."
In the spirit of being a better person I am going to answer a Journal Jar Question at least once a week right here on this blog. This way, not only am I writing my Personal History, I am also updating my blog. Woohoo!