12 November 2008

Journal Jar Question #2

Where do you like to go to eat out? What do you order?

I like to eat out at several places. I do admit that some restaurants have captured my attention more completely lately.

Panda Express: Nothing says comfort food like a plate of fried rice accompanied by orange and mandarin chicken.

Chili's: This used to be my absolute favorite place to eat. One fateful day, the menu was changed and my favorite dish, tuna steak, was removed to make way for some other dish that was highly mediocre I'm sure.

Wendy's: Best fast food out there besides In 'N Out. Seeing as how Provo is not the host to an In 'N Out, Wendy's becomes the front runner.

Eddie's Sports Deli: This is a new place a girl in my ward showed me. It's on Center Street in Orem across from Target and next to Papa Murphey's. Their breakfast sandwiches are amazing! I bet their others are just as good, but I've only had one: The Champ. Eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheese on a Kaiser roll. Mmm....mmm...good!

Bajio: Mexican place. Closest thing to Los Gringos I can find so I make do.

And just for Mater and Jacob - La Dolce Vida: I've only been there twice but it made quite the impact on Jacob and Laura. Or more accurately, our waiter Chet, made a great first impression. So good, in fact, that Jacob wants Chet to play Edward in the upcoming Twilight movie because I guess Robert Pattinson is not attractive enough.

Family favorites: The Old Spaghetti Factory and CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). Tasty!

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Laura said...

We heart Chet! :-) Hee hee hee. Seriously, we've become LDV addicts. It's kind of scary.