05 November 2008

Journal Jar

I am not the most dilligent journal writer...or blogger for that matter. While I was contemplating my lack of motivation to write in my journal I remembered a journal jar I made while in Young Women's. Last night I pulled it out and read the instructions on the jar which reads as follows: "This little jar celebrates something very important - YOU! If you will follow a simple plan, you will find that before this time net year, you will have a very personal, Personal History finished! All you need to do is draw out one slip of paper each day (or at least once a week - but it will take longer to finish this way.) ON it you will find a question. Spend a few minutes and just enjoy remembering. Then paste the question at the top of a blank page, and begin to tell all about it."
In the spirit of being a better person I am going to answer a Journal Jar Question at least once a week right here on this blog. This way, not only am I writing my Personal History, I am also updating my blog. Woohoo!


Thuh Daynuh's said...

I can't believe I get to be first to comment! You have to be pretty quick to beat Mater! :) Love ya, Mater! (It's because I'm up so late checking out blogs when I should be sleeping.) Sounds like a good project! Can't wait to read more!

Laura said...

Hey, Nimmie beat me! :-) I'm excited you're doing this too. It will give me something to look forward to when I'm doing my blog checking.