01 August 2012

Two Months

Hey everyone! It's been almost two months since I last posted here and I have to say I don't really miss the pressure of posting. Uploading a zillion pictures to Facebook is way less time consuming than writing here. However, I wanted to jot down a few things that have happened in the past two months (in no particular order):
1. Our two year anniversary!
Tyson and I weren't able to spend the whole day together since I still had to work but after work we went to our (my) favorite restaurant, Thai Mango, for dinner with William. We then dropped off William to our friends Ryan and Annalise who graciously offered to watch him for the evening. Tyson took me to see "Crazy for You" at the Hale Center Theater in Orem. We had a blast! That musical is so funny and the tap dancing is always awesome. I was in that show my senior year of high school so it was fun to remember all my friends from back then.

2. Tyson's birthday! I surprised him by taking the day off and whisking my boys away to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. Tyson had NO IDEA where we were going and I feel very proud of myself that I surprised him :)  HA! 

We had a great time even though it was SO HOT. William was a trooper but by the end of the day he was sporting overalls only (see picture) and diaper only once we were back in the car. We drove up to Ogden to take care of some medical stuff and spent the night at his parents' house: watching the Olympic opening ceremonies, chilling, and cooling off. Overall, it was a great day.

3. Ward Camp-out/William's first time camping/First camping trip of married life!
Our ward hosted an overnighter at Rock Canyon campground up Provo canyon. It was beautiful!

We took no pictures at the actual campsite since it was pretty dark once we got up there. Sorry. We played games and made some new friends whom we adore! I was grateful to get to know some of the couples who faithfully come to ward choir. I'm glad that Tyson is so friendly and good at making friends. It has helped me a ton over the past few months.
William did great! He slept pretty much all night. We received a tent for our wedding and finally got to use it. It's a six-person tent and there are only three of us so we had a TON of room. We don't have sleeping bags so we just brought every blanket in our house (only a slight exaggeration) to keep us warm. We had William sleep in his stroller all bundled up so we wouldn't have to worry about squishing him. 
We got home just after 11am and set up the tent again to clean it out. To keep William entertained we took turns pushing him in the tree swing set up outside our complex. He loved it!

4. Fish Lake! We went to Fish Lake with my family for two days. Not nearly long enough but I was super grateful to see my family at all. We visited them in April but won't see them again until December UNLESS MY MOTHER FLIES OUT HERE LIKE A GOOD GRANDMA SHOULD!!! :) Just sayin' ;) 
Anyways, we had a good time hanging with the cousins and Tyson caught lots of fish. We took William on his first boat ride which ended up being one of the scariest boat rides EVER. The wind picked up and we were battling some pretty intense swells trying to get back to the harbor. My sweet sister Jane relinquished her seat at the back of the boat so that I could protect William from the freezing water. She and our other sister Katie were drenched by the end of the ride. Of course my dad was at the front of the boat jumping up and down trying to increase the wave action. Cheers, dad.
Best part of the trip was seeing my immediate family AND my aunt and cousins who(m?) I haven't seen in a year. Those little kids are precious and I love little Allie so much. Last year at Fish Lake I was still preggo and Allie copied me by putting a beanie baby up her shirt and called it her baby. Presh.

5. William is starting to walk! BAH! Nothing is safe! His birthday is August 29 and he'll be a year old! We're going to have a little birthday bash for him. Nothing crazy. Here are some gratuitous baby photos since he's the handsomest little boy around. (Really though. The girls in my ward who have baby girls fight over arranging a marriage between William and their little girls. It's funny!)