15 May 2008

I Can't. I'm Going Swing Dancing.

How often have I used this title phrase in the last three weeks? Probably more often than thought possible. In March, my mum and I came to Provo for my cousin's wedding, to find me a place to live, and most importantly, for me to check out the swing scene here at BYU. I went to their Saturday night dance with some of my friends and was a little disappointed. I understand that most of the swingers were off in Sacramento at some Lindy exchange. Normal. I was hoping to have some huge turn-out with amazing dancers! In the absence thereof, I made it my mission to become involved in the Swing Kids club and hopefully recruit some people to the exciting world that is Swing. Fate placed her hand in this mission of mine in a very big way. (Picture 1: Mum and me at the wedding reception.)

Back in February I went to USU's Harlem Nights with my friend William. We spent the Saturday in workshops with Skye and Frieda, two of the most amazing Lindy-hoppers the world has ever known. That night we attended a dance with a live band and had the time of our lives despite me being slightly wounded during a turn. Never fear, I fully recovered. At said Lindy workshop weekend, I danced with a very, very tall guy who was a student at BYU. When I came down to BYU in March the same very tall guy was there again! So we danced again. After moving in to my new apartment I was poking around on the Swing Kids Website and decided to e-mail the President volunteering my services in any capacity namely publicity, equipment hauling and the like. Shockingly the President replied to my e-mail and the connection was made. The very tall guy I had danced with previously was in fact the President of the Swing Kids. (Picture 2: Lindsey Messer and me at BYU's Saturday Night Swing.)

I have now been designated Friday night driver to the Golden Skillet in Sandy: the place to be for any serious swinger in Utah. Regular folks in my car include my friend Estelle, Ransom (the President and very tall guy), and a new kid, James. From then on, Ransom has willingly introduced me to just about every "regular" in the entire state of Utah. I've met people from Logan, Sandy, and good ole Provo.

I have moved around a lot in my life and have always been grateful for my involvement with music for giving me a friend base I could rely on. Marching band and choir were huge for me in High School because I knew that I would have instant friends no matter where I went. The move from BYU-Idaho to BYU was not so sure. I wouldn't have marching band or choir to fall back on. I would have the Church, yes, but that really doesn't narrow down the field a whole lot when you're in Utah. This time around it has been my passion for swing dancing and my desire to be involved that has propelled me into a group of friends I thoroughly enjoy being around. We can all get together three times a week and just dance our hearts out.

Live. Love. Laugh. Lindy. This is the poster I have hanging in my room. Dancing makes me happy. Every time I come home from dancing my roommate informs me that I'm glowing again. Who could ask for anything more?

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