15 January 2010

Spring Cleaning...in January

No plans. No boy. No dancing. What to do? CLEAN! ORGANIZE! THROW JUNK AWAY!
Yup, this Friday night, I stayed in and did a number on my room. Okay, so I did go to the temple with my cute boy to do baptisms. But after that he left for the night to SLC for a night of riotous dancing aka The Utah Lindy Exchange (ULX). I had nothing better to do so I got rid of a bunch of junk I never use, papers I don't want anyone to read because they're awful, notebooks I'll never read, and shoes I'll never wear. It feels really good to de-junk my room aka my life. I got rid of two trash bags and one box full of stuff. I actually re-thought my shoes and clothes a week ago. In that little event I got rid of nine pairs of shoes, three pairs of jeans, and four pairs of other pants. Needless to say, my closet, dresser drawers, and desk are looking more friendly. The only thing in my room I did not de-clutter is my bookshelf. I still have more books than I can shake a fist at and I'm okay with that. I fully intend on keeping them all. Even my Old English Literature book that I hate. I'm not one to throw away books. Anyways, I've enjoyed my evening and got to listen to GLEE, Michael Jackson, and my other fav tunes. Happy Friday!

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