26 January 2010

Mental Health

Like mother, like daughter.
I've been engaged (at 8:30pm tonight) for one week. In this time I have scheduled two different temples, picked colors, decided on a cake, searched for reception venues, started a guest list, met a good portion of Tyson's extended family, and somehow, stayed up on my homework.
Yesterday was the exception. I couldn't handle it anymore. I went to work, Tyson came home with me for lunch and we decided to look at some more venue possibilities because the one we wanted is already booked. Sigh. I put my head on Tyson's knee and just gave up. It became quickly clear that any sort of productive behavior was going to be a horrible mess. What to do! I got into my PJ's, turned on A&E's Pride and Prejudice, snuggled up with my nannie aka blanket (and Tyson, of course) and tried to stop freaking out about planning.
This is absurd. Luckily, my mother is coming up this weekend and a lot of really good things will happen. Friday: wedding dress appointment; fabric store to find fabric swatches; nails (possibly); and dinner with mom and Tyson. Saturday: check out venues (if we have any prospects); chat with my aunt Liz about our cake; attend the Bridal Expo; and other delightful activities.
I am hoping that getting all of these things taken care of this weekend will greatly decrease the likelihood of me losing my mind. My mother tends to plan plan plan plan plan plan plan and I do believe I may have picked up that trait from her.
Thanks, Mom. PS Come soon!


Jessica said...

Oh please don't stress to much. Enjoy the excitement of the journey! And you know, in the end it ALWAYS seems to work out.
I am happy to hear that your mama is on her way. Moms make things better.

Laura said...

Being engaged and trying to plan everything can be really stressful. I'm glad your mom can come up this weekend, and I'm totally wishing we were still there. It would be fun to go shopping with you! Mwah, mwah!