11 January 2010

Hello, Stranger.

I haven't done much blogging lately and I apologize for neglecting my blog-related responsibilities. The good news is that most of what's been going on can be simplified into a short list:
  • I survived Fall 2009 semester!! Right after I did all of my finals in three days, I headed back to California for Christmas.
  • Christmas was fantastic! I got to spend a lot of time with my family and we even did some new touristy things like taking a tour of Warner Brothers Studios.
  • Tyson's family went on vacation to California for Christmas so I partied with them for a few days too. They are so much fun! It was great to get to know them.
  • Winter 2010 semester began January 4. I'm looking forward to this new semester and am very excited for my courses.
  • I am now a Home Evening Coordinator for my ward aka FHE Mom. My group partner is one of my best friends in my ward. We're going to have a great time!
  • I participated in a Community Choir last semester and have been selected as the Soprano Section leader for this upcoming semester. I'm honored to have the position and anticipate wonderful things from the girls in my section.
That is the low-down of the last few weeks. I resolve to be better at blogging this year. Don't confuse that resolve with any type of New Year's resolution. I didn't make one this year. I just couldn't come up with anything that wasn't lame. So I've decided to just let it go. Who cares! I will say this: I am extremely excited for this new year. I cannot WAIT to see what will change in my life for the better this year. I'll keep my fingers crossed!!


JONESIES said...

Is there some implication we should be getting from those last few lines???

Laura said...

I thought the same thing, Michelle. So, Neesey, dish! What's going on? Don't make these vague references and then keep your favorite aunt and your favorite cousin in the dark. Mean!!! :-)

Oh, and I love you!

JONESIES said...

lol i'm glad i wasn't alone mater!

Matt said...

come on denise you might as well bring it out in the open. Those of your inner circle (like me, of course) know what you're referring too.