27 April 2009

Josh x 3 + Brian = Awesomeness

My favorite guy apartment in my ward, #12, has recently lost one of my favorite people. Matt has left us to go study in England for the Spring and then stay in Washington to work. Boo. The remaining boys got a new roommate. Well, as fate would have it, the new kid's name is Josh...just like the other two Joshes that already live there. Three Joshes in one apartment. Geez. Seems a little bit excessive, doesn't it?
Oh, and one of these Joshes is commonly referred to as "Denise's Josh." Wanna see a pic? Okay, since you asked. This is from a giant group date we participated in. We played CLUE on campus at BYU and had to find the hidden clues. This picture was taken in the courtyard of the JFSB. The clue was "Plunder ye the western depths for the sunken booty."

Look! We found the "sunken booty!"

And in case you can't read what is written in pennies, the word is 'swag' which just happens to be slang for 'plunder or booty.' Who knew?

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Dana Home Academy said...

This Josh thing is getting out of control! Somebody should put a stop to it! By the way, I actually knew what "SWAG" is!