09 April 2010

Three Days Left

I only have three more days of classes in this semester. Where did the semester go? It seems to have vanished! I feel like, just yesterday, I was sitting in Professor Oaks' Semantics class, fresh off my study abroad. In August, I will have been home for a year. Time really has flown. Getting engaged has probably helped time kick it up a notch. This semester has been hard for me. Not academically, but emotionally. Let me tell you: when your beloved gets really sick, it's horrible! Suffering through Tyson's illness has been serious motivation to NEVER get sick again. Ever. I'm actually surprised that I didn't catch his illness, or my roomie's, or anyone else's sickness (BYU kids don't believe in staying home when they're sick). Don't get me wrong, I have really enjoyed myself this semester too. Here is a list of things I'm grateful for:
1. Tyson. He has been a fantastic motivator, friend, and helper this semester. I'm grateful for his positive attitude, his incredible work habits, his ability to see right through my I'm fine's and know exactly what I need. Like yesterday. We hadn't been able to spend a lot of time together and he knew I was missing him. So when he came over last night, he brought me flowers. They are gorgeous! Yellow, white, and crimson roses that he choose himself. AH! I love them.
2. My family. I have seen my family more this semester than any other semester I've been away at school. My mom came up after Tyson and I got engaged to help me get a dress and do some other wedding stuff. Then, Tyson and I went to California for a long weekend just to play. It was awesome. Then, my grandpa got remarried so my family came back to Utah. That particular weekend I got to see all my aunts. Even my aunt who moved to Iowa! She used to live here and I miss seeing her and her family. My family has been a tremendous support during this semester. I have really relied on my parents' advice about married people stuff. Like housing. Sigh...that's been fun.
3. Tyson's family. I've always wondered if I would like my in-laws. I guess I had heard so many horror stories that I figured nobody liked their in-laws. However, I love Tyson's parents and all his siblings. They are wonderful. Tyson and I have spent many a weekend visiting his family and it's been great. They make me feel like I am a real part of their family. Even though my parents are far away, I know that I can also turn to Tyson's parents. I love them.

So, there you have it. What I am most grateful for. Only 98 more days until I get to marry Tyson! Yay!

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