25 August 2010


The splint has come off! YAY!! So, now I only have to wear it at night. I'm so relieved. Good thing I got it off before school starts. I only hope that I can learn to type normally again. You see, I've adapted my typing to not using my middle finger and, while it's been alright, I'm looking forward to being back to normal. Even better than typing: piano!! I just bought some new Churchy vocal solos and I want to play them. Grr. Oh well. Lesson in patience I suppose.


JONESIES said...

Yay! Only at night? Is that your craziest time of day or something?

The Wife said...

haha No, definitely not. My doctor doesn't want me rolling on my hand or whacking Tyson in the face with it and thus injuring my finger. So, the brace stays on at night.