11 January 2012

Wellness, Cycling, and Post-Baby-Body

I love that BYU Wellness offers health challenges to employees. I finished the "Don't gain more than two pounds over the holidays and drink 64oz of water 80% of the days for six weeks" challenge. I drank that much water every day and didn't gain any weight.
Next up is the "Exercise for 30 minutes five days a week and don't eat sugar for six days a week for six weeks" challenge. I've wanted to cut sugar out of my diet for a while now since it's a serious problem for me. I've made Tyson swear to not buy me any chocolate and not let me make any baked goods. Ice cream isn't a temptation for me, but chocolate, cookies, and brownies? Ugh. 
In other news, Tyson and I are both doing a spinning/cycling class at BYU. His started on Monday and mine starts tomorrow. Mine is free since I work for BYU :) I certainly love that too. A boy I dated my freshmen year of college took a spinning class and always told me what an awesome workout it was. Ever since then I've wanted to give it a try. Tyson likes it so far but isn't used to the bike seats yet. His class is at 8am on Mondays and Wednesdays D: and mine is at 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I missed on Tuesday because I didn't know I could just show up. Oops. Oh well! I am looking forward to having my butt whooped into shape this semester. I still play Just Dance 2 on the Wii multiple times a week. William likes watching me dance, which is a good motivation to keep doing it. I really want to lose the baby weight but more than that, I want to be more healthy. William is a mover and a shaker and I want to be actively involved in his playtime as he gets older. I've never been able to lose weight. The last time I tried really hard was pre-wedding. I worked out all the time and ex-nayed sugar from my diet. I didn't lose any weight but I was more toned by our wedding. I was also on birth control which, I think, made it harder for me to lose weight. Now that I've had William, I'm not on hormonal birth control so I'm feeling more optimistic about my ability to lose weight. Most women lose weight when nursing but I don't. The same hormones are released during nursing as with my old birth control so it's been a pretty frustrating four months post-delivery. Luckily, I haven't gained anything either. I try to stay positive about my post-preggo body but it sure is hard sometimes. It's especially difficult since the other ladies who have had babies around the same time as me are successfully losing weight or already back to their pre-baby weight. It's irritating. But when I hold my beautiful son in my arms and he smiles at me, I'm reminded that it is all worth it. I have 20 lbs to go. I want to have it off by the time William is one-year-old. I have 9 months. Here we go.


Jane said...

Hey, I totally know how you feel. I obviously haven't had a child, but I can't seem to lose weight either. Even if I feel and look thinner or like I have lost weight, I haven't actually lost weight. I can lose a little bit, but it's been a while since I was at my ideal weight. Birth control sure as heck doesn't help... and I have been on it for like 3 years now (which, of course, is the last time I was at my ideal weight. Go figure.) I blame the Sumsion family. It's those hips!!!! Oh well. I will totally play Just Dance with you whenever you want me to. Just text me :) Love you! <3

Allie said...

I never lost weight breast feeding either. I would envy and sercrety (and not-so-secretly) hate people who did...lets just put it this way...I am soooo thankful I was never prego at the same time as cute BreAnn. :)
good luck on your quest! I am on the same quest to get/be healthy! Thomas lost 40 pounds in the last 8 weeks doing biggest loser, and it made me jelouse lol.
William was worth every pound...and you will get every pound back off...and then gain it with the next baby ;)
love ya denise!!

Kate Curtis said...

You can do it Denise!! I am still wearing maternity clothes and I don't really think breast feeding helps to take off the weight, so I feel your pain. 20 lbs or bust!