25 August 2008

Mr. Darcy and Signor Benedict

While these men do not share much in common, I will elaborate on my current state of life using them as a catalyst for thought. Today after church, my roommate and I decided to indulge our girlish whims and watch the A&E version of "Pride and Prejudice" in its five-hour glorified entirety. It has been many years since I have had the pleasure of watching this fine piece of cinematic joy and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) was outstanding as ever. This time around, I noticed that Mr. Darcy had begun to pay attention to Elizabeth while she was enjoying some lovely conversation and turns around rooms, gardens and the like with other men. Does this sort of thing really capture a man's attentions? I mean, really? Does a woman need to shuffle about with other men so that Mr. Right will start paying attention? Now, I do not speak from experience. I have never had this sort of trick work. In fact, I believe it to be quite dangerous. If the game is played too long, indifference is deduced and the chase is forgotten. Unfortunately, in this case, I speak from a little recent experience.
After more than two agonizing months I have come to two conclusions. First: You boys don't get it. Girls are not to be called upon whenever you are bored or hungry. We have much better things to be doing with our time. However, we mistake your call for excitement and baked goods as a hint of interest and we're hooked. Stop fooling around. Make up your mind. Leading girls on in the pursuit of free desserts and a game night is, in the words of my high school musical director, "mean spirited." If you are truly not interested, be clear so we can just move on. Second: It is high time you learned to distinguish which girls are worth your time and emotions. Let me give you a hint: Girls who ignore, or verbally abuse and ridicule you are NOT worth it. Stop talking to them. Remember those girls in high school who thrived on drama? If you're college-age lady friend fits this description, re-think her influence on your thinking, self-esteem and life. Good grief! Why do boys go for girls who have issues? Who cause issues? How is that becoming and attractive? Get out there and do something with your life. Be more than a video game addict and whiner. Be proactive. Serve someone. Learn how to do something new. Make a new friend. Become more connected with yourself. What is it you really want in life?
Signor Benedict may not have much in common with the previous thread of though. However, I also watched Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" and cannot leave out my favorite hero and heroine. Benedict versus Beatrice. Benedict, the self-proclaimed bachelor, is taken in by a hoax and ends up loving the very woman who returns his misguided affections. Good show. Love it. Haven't seen it? Rent it asap. It is hilarious and is filled with wit and merriment.


Thuh Daynuh's said...

Are the shades of Pemberley to be thus polluted? Just thought I'd send a little more Jane your way! Love you!

Thuh Daynuh's said...

Will your Grace command me any service to the world's end? I will go on the slightest errand now to the Antipodes that you can devise to send me on. I will fetch you a hair off the great Cham's beard, do you any embassage to the Pygmies, rather then hold three words conference with this Harpy. You have no employment for me?