09 July 2009

Study Abroad - June 30, 2009

I apologize for not writing sooner. The internet has been pretty sketchy for a while. I have been writing in my journal faithfully so that I could condense my thoughts (and pictures) onto my blog for all my family and friends to read. So, here goes!
First day in Ireland! I landed at the Shannon airport just before 10 am and as soon as everyone in our program landed we headed straight to Bunratty Castle (see picture). This castle was pretty sweet. Our tour guide was very small and very energetic. My favorite thing about this castle was the surrounding grounds. There's a little village, beautiful gardens, a kid's play ground, and a pub called "Dirty Nelly's" which I think is a very funny name for a pub.

We passed through a cute town called Adare and stopped at the church there. We then stopped in Dingle for dinner. Dingle is a sea town and the sea food was delicious! Our hostel was in this "town" called Duo Choain. From my window I could the ocean. The Ireland coast is stunning at sunset! The sunsets in Ireland rival the ones up in Idaho, and that's saying something.

This is me in the gardens surrounding Bunratty Castle.
See my umbrella? Josh picked it out! I love it!
Bunratty Castle

More pics to come!


Laura said...

Ooo, Bunratty. When I was in Ireland, we did dinner there. It was fun, although we didn't drink the mead, which seemed to improve the event for some of the guests, if you know what I mean. :-)

JONESIES said...

so fun! I was just thinking last night "denise needs to send an update" and wala