07 October 2009

21, Baby!

Well, I am finally 21 which doesn't mean a whole lot but it does mean that I'm no longer 20 and that's a big deal to me. I had a fabulous birthday weekend. It started with my roommates decorating the mirrors in the bathroom and in my room.
Here I am getting ready to peace out to St. George to meet up with my momma.
She drove up, I drove down, and we met in the middle-ish!

My roommate Chelsea also decorated my car. She's very, very sneaky.
In St. George we went out to eat, saw a movie, had a spa day, and went shopping. Here we are at Olive Garden on my birthday. The waitress asked us if we wanted wine and I started giggling because for the first time in my life if I had said "yes" they would have actually given me wine! Instead we just took my picture with a bottle.
Happy Birthday dinner with my mom!
This is us Sunday morning as I'm about to leave to go back to Provo.
Thanks for a great weekend Mom!!

My roommates threw me a giant party on Sunday night. We had milkshakes, took pictures, and chatted for a few hours. This is Brock, one of my good friends and old hometeacher.
He thinks he looks like a creeper in this picture, but I think it's precious.

Some of my friends from my Study Abroad came!
From left to right: Will, me, Courtney, Janet, and Kelcy. I love them!!

A TON of people from my ward came. These handsome guys are Gustavo and Matt. Matt was my hometeacher and council co-chair at the beginning of the year so we're pretty tight.
I love my roommates! We've been living together for almost a whole year now and we get along famously. From left to right: Chelsea, Steph, me, and Britt. I love you ladies!!
These fellas are Spencer and Nate. I've known them for about a year now and love them to pieces. My ward is basically FULL of amazing people that I'm blessed to know. Nate is extra cool because we have the same last name, we're both band geeks and his parents own Beatles Rockband. Holla!
These are the Sowa brothers: John and Joseph.
John was my hometeacher over the summer and
Joseph is an extremely talented music composition major.
These guys are fabulous and wonderful examples to me.

Here is as much of the group as we could possibly fit into one picture and this isn't even everybody. Some people had come and gone already, and there were still more people to come. Needless to say, I felt extremely loved and grateful to have such wonderful friends.
Probably the best birthday I've ever had. Yay for being 21!!

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