27 October 2009

Halloween Costume Edition 2009

This year, I got a bit of a head-start on my Halloween costume. My friend Garrett, from my Study Abroad, threw a costume party a few weeks back. A lot of thought went into this year's costume. As most of you well know, I am a part of the BYU Swing Kid's Club. Well, on November 7 we are having a huge mid-semester vintage dance. Because I am performing that night in a tap number, I am absolutely required to dress-up. I decided to use the same outfit for both Halloween and the vintage dance. Hence: A flapper. I am not a super creative person and my artistic ability is limited to stick-figures and the occasional flower or heart. (Note: My sibling's got all the artistic talent). This presented me a challenge: 20's make-up. How on earth was I going to pull that one off? YouTube! I looked up some different videos and websites and finally just went for it.
Here's the finished look. Not too bad, right? Well, there's more to come. Mommy Kay and Grandpa Norm had taken me out to lunch at Magleby's to celebrate my birthday. I know we're a few weeks late but we're busy people! Anyway, I was telling them about this party and vintage dance and Mommy Kay then informs me that she has the PERFECT hat for me. I already had in my possession a hat I thought would work alright but I had to try both on, take pics, post pics on Facebook, have my friends vote on their favorite, and then make my own choice anyway.
The red hat is Mommy Kay's. Isn't it fabulous? I love it! And, the best thing, is that it is LEGIT. From back in the day! I love this hat.
This white hat is mine. I love it. A lot. I wish I had a trench-coat to go with it and then I could be Carmen Sandiego.
Like I said, I posted these two pics on Facebook and asked for opinions. The red hat won. And I'm glad I went with it.
Here is the final product! The party was super fun and I can't wait for the vintage dance. Of course, I will be in MUCH different shoes for that event but everything else will be the same. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love an excuse to dress-up and do something crazy with my make-up. And buying a new dress wasn't too bad either.

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Laura said...

Very cute, Neesey! And those heels? Cha cha!