01 October 2010

Introducing Agatha, the Betta Dame of the Royal House of Remy

September 21, 2010:
My dear friend Natalie got married at the beginning of August in California. Tyson and I were able to go to her open house here in Utah. It was great to see her and her parents again. I love them so much!
They had set up many round tables and on each table was a Betta fish in a glass vase. The fish were so beautiful but I was curious to know what Natalie's family was going to do with all the fish. So, I asked. They said they weren't sure. I asked if I could take one. I'm not sure if that was the wisest choice because not only did we leave the open house with a fish, we also left with a plastic box of about two dozen croissant sandwiches. You know, the ones with the grapes in them. Apparently, there was a ward camp out so a ton of people were gone aka LOTS OF FOOD. That's alright though. We took them back to Tyson's house and everyone chowed down.

For a while we kept Agatha in her glass vase from the open house. I decided she needed more space, so Tyson got her this aquarium and some plants; the blue rocks came with the original home vase. I know this isn't a stellar picture of her, but she is beautiful and I love having her. When I told my dad about her, he said, "You're like a real family now!" I guess Tyson and I weren't a real family until we got a fish. I think my parents still want to have me to have a baby asap so they can be grandparents. Oh, weird thought. GRANDparents. Once that happens, they'll be REALLY old.

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Ashley_Cameron said...

haha a BABY!!! Ya, do it so our BABIES can grow up together :) And my parents love being GRANDparents. It does make them feel old but they love it and want more ASAP! Cant even think about that right now... haha