21 June 2011

Post-College Vacation

Tyson and I spent the last five days in California with my family. It was great to see them all again and my mom and sisters really loved how pregnant I finally look. I really loved cuddling with the puppies and going to see movies with my family, complete with commentary provided by Tyson, my dad, and me. If you've never had the pleasure, you're missing out.

Wednesday: Fly to California. Katie's sixth grade graduation. Dinner at Olive Garden.
Thursday: Shopping!! Pedicure for me. Jane's high school graduation. Dinner at Souplantation.
Friday: Los Angeles Temple with Neil for him to receive his endowment. (The L.A. temple is so cool!) Lunch at Junior's Deli. Super 8 at the Americana. Epic movie. Awesome kiddos.
Saturday: Sleep in. I made waffles. Jane to LAX to fly to Germany. Lunch at Tito's. Ice cream at Diddy Riese (HELLO HEAVEN). My family and Tyson got me a Wii for my graduation. Katie and I played Just Dance. Now I must own it. X-Men: First Class. Also epic.
Sunday: Father's Day! Raclette for lunch/dinner. General laziness.
Monday: Try to visit Phyllis in the hospital. Take some dresses in to be altered. Lunch at Indian Buffet. Packing. Back to Utah.

My family knows where to go to get good food in L.A. Only sad thing about the trip is that is was kinda cold when we got there so we couldn't go swimming or to the beach. Luckily, we still had an awesome time and it was great to be away from Utah for a bit.

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Ashley_Cameron said...

What?! No Disneyland?? I thought that's where you were going too... hmmm. Well I am going down there on Sunday and I am going to DLand and I am NOT going to be pregnant so I am way excited. Hopefully it's nice weather. I still need to see you! Just PS. You look great! And congrats on graduating :)