02 June 2011

When it rains...

it pours. Don't go thinking that this post will be all "woe-is-me" but we've had some interesting trials the past little while that deserve some mentioning.
1) School/work for me has been terrible. I mean, awful. There have been a few days where I lock myself into a room and work for hours and then look at my schedule and realize I'm still behind. Taking an editing class and working as a student editor was not my best idea ever. I love editing. I get a great sense of accomplishment when I finish a manuscript. But I've done so much editing in the past five weeks I think I need a break or I'll throw my Chicago Manual of Style out the window.
2) My car is still out of commission. We haven't had a chance to take a close look at it so we know the transmission isn't happy, but that's it. This also means that I haven't been able to drive since the accident because Tyson's car is a manual transmission. I tried to learn but now I'm scared that I'll be driving and mess up and then his car's transmission will die too. That would really suck.
3) I got called as the ward choir pianist. I am not a terrible pianist but I am no Mozart. The night I accepted the calling (WHY WOULD I DO THAT?!?) I ended up having a nightmare about it. I dreamed that the director gave me super hard music to play so I started practicing. I dreamed that I practiced for hundreds of hours, practiced until I couldn't move my hands, and I was still terrible and everyone was disappointed. Yikes. Luckily there is no director yet so I have no music to practice. I'm glad school is ending soon so I'll have more practice time.
4) Tyson injured himself yesterday at work. He was holding a friend's pocket-knife and dropped it onto his leg. It gave him a cut two-inches long, one-inch wide, and the cut went down almost to his muscle. He went to the ER and got 7 stitches. He'll be fine but can't drive for a while and can't stand on his leg for a bit. Him not being able to drive is bad because I can't drive his car (see #2) so that means we're stranded. Or at least, we were.

Here comes the good stuff.
1) Tyson's mom and sister drove down yesterday, bought us a bunch of groceries, and switched my sister-in-law's car for Tyson's. Her car is an automatic which means I can drive again! I know that it is super inconvenient for her but I'm grateful she was willing to give up her car for a bit. I was freaking out about not being able to drive. I mean, what if I needed to go to the hospital? I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I have to go. Now, I know I can get there.
2) I finished editing a HUGE manuscript for work way ahead of schedule. This means that I have more time to do homework and less stress. For my editing class, our semester-long project has been to edit, design, and copyfit a book of articles. A girl in my group is leaving a week early so we have been killing ourselves to get all our stuff done early. We finished our book yesterday and took it to the printer's today. We get our proofs tomorrow and then our final product will be done by next week. We are so on top of things! Other groups haven't even finished editing all their manuscripts. Yikes. I am blessed that the girls in my group were hard workers. We couldn't have done it without being motivated and responsible. 
Getting this book done means I have more time to write my final Humanities paper which is due on Monday. I'm doing a compare-and-contrast paper on Communism and the Law of Consecration. Sacrilege. I know. But I think it's going to be a fascinating paper. It also only has to be three pages, double-spaced. EASY. 
3) Over the weekend, Tyson and I went to Cedar City to see my friend who got home from her mission. She lives in Colorado and I didn't think I'd be able to see her until September, if I was lucky. She was injured and had to come home early from her mission and I felt like I really needed to see her. I have missed her so much. I know this is a trying time for her but I think that she has a great attitude about it and that she will grow so much if she lets herself. I worry about her educational future since she's a dance major but I know the Lord will take care of her.
4) In thirteen days Tyson and I will be on a plane to California. Hallelujah! I will be pretty busy right up until we leave but then I'll be done with school. FOREVER. Well, until Baby Remy starts school. But kindergarten homework is easy. I can handle that. Tyson and I are so looking forward to spending time with my family since we don't get to see them a lot. We're taking my youngest sister to Disneyland while my parents help my other sister get off to Germany for her exchange program. Once we're back in Utah, I'll be working both jobs and I picked up some extra shifts so I get to work full-time for almost three full weeks. This is a huge blessing since I might not get to work Education Week.
5) I have the best boss ever. Ms. Janna is marvelous and she is so willing to work with me and my ridiculousness. Graduation is the weekend before Education Week. I really hope I can work Education Week because we get oodles of hours which equals oodles of money. I love working the conferences because I get to see real-life people instead of being stuck in a stupid room all day. Bleh. I asked my boss to please schedule me but to remember that if I just don't show up one day, I'm probably having a baby. Ms. Janna is so sweet and understanding. Actually, everyone I work with is that way. We all help cover each others shifts for any reason and it makes for a happy working environment. I wish I didn't have to quit after graduation. I'll miss my work friends. After two and a half years, we've become friends for real.

This post has the rain and the sunshine of my life for the past little bit. I am extremely grateful for the kind souls in my life who help me out and help me smile.


Matt said...

Harsh. But at the same time you don't seem to have that bad of an attitude about this stuff, so props!

The Wife said...

Thanks, Matt. It's been crazy but a positive attitude is key!

Laura said...

Hang in there, Deedee!