22 May 2011


I like when my sibling-in-laws fight over who gets to stay with us for the weekend. It makes me feel cool. They seem to like me and I sure like them. It's true that we didn't get along so great at the start, but now they are the best siblings-in-law I could ever ask for. Miss A is a party and we love having her here. Master A is a sweetheart. He comes down yesterday and makes me Chocolate Oatmeal No-bakes and then today he took out our trash. Last summer he used to come down and mow the lawn at our old place. Elder J is off in Hungary and he's sorta quiet so I never really had the chance to connect with him but we'll see once he's back. Mrs. C is so willing to help and serve even though she just had a baby! Her hubby JS is hilarious and we're looking forward to game nights with them.
All in all, my sibs-in-law rock. I love 'em.


Matt said...

why do all these people have one letter names

JONESIES said...

how fun! What a lucky girl you are :-) Did you know Matt will be in Hungrey this weekend?

The Wife said...

Matt: I don't want to include their names. Some people are touchy about having their names out there on the web. I don't care but I figure, better safe than sorry.
Michelle: REALLY?! That's so cool!