08 May 2011

RIP Transmission

Tyson and I spent a wonderful weekend with his family. Today we were on our way back home when, in a scuffle for something, the gearshift in my car was hit from Drive to Reverse. While we were on the freeway. Going 70mph. In the rain.
As soon as it happened, Tyson put it into Neutral and pulled off to the left emergency lane (we had been in the carpool lane). We came to a stop right at Thanksgiving Point. He got out to inspect the tires--all fine--and then tried to start the car again. Not so fine. Lots of clanking and grinding told us my car was not going anywhere by itself. We called our bro-in-law and he came to our rescue.
Towing a car on the freeway is scary. People get mad at you and don't pay attention so they almost run into you. One kind soul slowed down in the lane next to us so we could merge in front of him. Awesome! Now we're in the furthest left lane. We try to change lanes again but some Jeep pulls out from behind awesome-car and the maintains a speed so to place themselves in the middle of our car and bro-in-law so we can't merge. Awesome-car slows down and moves over a lane so we can, again, change lanes. Awesome squared! Eventually we got off the freeway, then our battery died so we left the car at bro-in-law's and he drove us home.
Tyson has a car so that's good. We're not stranded. But we also just moved in a new apartment that is RIGHT next to campus. This is a bonus because we walk to school and work anyway. We just won't be able to let our friends borrow Tyson's car since we no longer have a spare. We have no idea what is actually wrong with the car but we do know it won't be pretty to fix.
Honestly, I cried. I'm pregnant plus I'm stressed as it is with two Spring classes and two jobs. I'm feeling stretched and wishing that tomorrow was June 15th so I could be done with classes. Things will be fine but it is just a lot for me to emotionally handle right now. I needed to blog it out but now it's time to get back to my editing homework. Turns out, popularizing articles is a lot harder than I thought it would be.


Elise said...

Oh no!! Denise, that is awful! At least you had an excuse when you cried...when it happened to me I had to go somewhere to be alone so I could sob. It'll work out though, and I'm glad you guys have at least one car and are close to campus. I'm sure Heavenly Father will provide. :)

Laura said...

Sorry about the car! That stinks. Hope things get sorted out soon!