24 April 2011


Happy Easter, everyone!
This is our first Easter being married and since we couldn't go up to the Remy's for the weekend, I took charge. Last night, I put together our Easter baskets and hid 20 eggs for Tyson to find this morning. I got him Peeps because we like to do Peep-wars.
Today was also our last Sunday in our ward. The choir sang "All Creatures of Our God and King" and "God So Loved the World". They were perfect. Honestly. I couldn't be more proud of them. We are moving to our new apartment on Thursday which means, new ward. But also, the Church is reorganizing the BYU Married Stakes from five to three. This means a lot of Married Wards are being dissolved and all those married students will be attending the conventional wards. Our current ward is one which will be dissolved but we're not sure about our new ward. We think that since we're so close to campus we might still be in a BYU stake, but maybe not. Next Sunday there is a huge meeting for all BYU Marrieds in the Marriott Center so the leadership can give us more information.
My visiting teachers came over today and brought me little gifts. Stacia gave me some knitted baby booties and a yellow baby onesie/dress thing. It's cute and she says it's super convenient for changing diapers.
We're on our way to Ogden for Easter dinner. Tyson's parents came to visit us this week and we introduced them to Killer Bunnies which is a SWEET card game. Super fun. Anyway, they loved it and decided, it being Easter and all, that we should play it. We bought it for his parents and we also got them an expansion pack. It'll be fun to play with the rest of his family.
Here are some pics of the day. Enjoy my fun commentary. And Happy Easter!

This is my Easter basket. I didn't hide it because that seemed silly.

Last night I painted my toes a fun color called "Disco Inferno". I like it.

I woke Tyson up at 7am so he could find eggs and then we could get to church at 8am. 
He was still very sleepy, as you can see.

Tyson is looking for his Easter basket. (I hid it above the fridge behind all the stuff. Sneaky.)

He found it! He looked in the fridge and under the sink before he found it though.

Action shot of Tyson finding the last egg. What's in the bush?

He opened all the eggs and then threw the empty ones into the bassinet across the room.

This is his Peep-wars face. Fierce, I know.

We each got a parachute character. We'll have to try them tomorrow.

I got sidewalk chalk eggs. I'm excited to use them!

This is my Easter basket.

We each got a disc spinner too. Tyson broke his after having it open for maybe 30 seconds. 
I let him use mine cause I love him.

Star Wars Eggs!

I love fun holiday socks. Tyson's mom got these for me. Love them!

And here we are, ready for church. We clean up pretty good!

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Laura said...

Way to take charge, DeeDee! Looks like a fun first Easter. And next year will be another first Easter! Such exciting times! And so many things to punctuate with exclamation points! I can't stop myself!