05 April 2011

Primary Songs

I have finally picked a new year's resolution. Better late than never, right?
In this the year of our Lord, 2011, I resolve to learn to play every Primary song on the piano well enough that I could sub in Primary and play any song without a hitch. This resolution includes practicing the songs until I can play them perfectly at least twice.
Why did I choose this? I'm going to have a baby! My son will grow up and go to Primary and I want him to be familiar with the songs. I thought about doing this with the hymns but, let's face it, the Primary songs are a tad bit easier and sorta more fun to play. Maybe I'll do hymns next year! I've wanted to learn to play all the church songs since I was in high school and now I feel motivated to do so. I started right at the beginning and I'm about twenty pages into the first section. Huzzah!


JONESIES said...

sweet! now you can have the best calling in the church that i'll never have :-)

Muffy said...

That's definitely an awesome goal! Go for the gold! :D