12 April 2011

Mid-homework Post

So here I am, mid-homework, to post a little tidbit about life in the Remy house today.
I was booted this morning. Background: Friday I went to my Humanities class and when I got up to leave my right foot was hurting. I hadn't hit it on anything and I couldn't see anything wrong with it so I let it go. Saturday it didn't get better. Sunday it was getting worse. There was still no bruising but I had a hard time putting pressure on it. Monday night Tyson and I went to the library and by the time we were walking back to the car Tyson was practically carrying me. No good. I tried icing and rice-packing it but nothing was working. Last night I could barely sleep because my foot hurt and my right wrist decided to join in the fun and my carpal tunnel started acting up. (Read acting up as being overwhelmingly painful). I took some Tylenol and tried to sleep. Bah! Yeah, right. Enough, I thought this morning. I'm going to Urgent Care. They saw me pretty quickly and the doctor prescribed me a week and a half of boot wearing. I have an appointment to meet with the foot doctor next Monday. Hopefully my foot will have healed itself but I have a sneaking suspicion something will be wrong just like with my finger before my wedding. My body likes to make things go wrong and fool all the doctors into thinking it's nothing important...until they do their job and discover there is an issue.
The boot is annoying and doesn't really make my foot feel any better. I wear it anyway hoping something will change for the better.
In the meantime I finished writing my Senior course and Humanities papers. Yay for me! I emailed in some Phonetics homework today and took a wild chance that my professor would show some mercy on me. In his syllabus it says NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED (caps are legit) so I had never asked if I could turn in late work. I have missed a few assignments and was feeling pretty nervous about my grade. I asked if I could please turn them in but that it was okay if he said no because it was in his syllabus after all. He, in a moment of extreme charity, wrote back saying I had until the end of this week to get all my work in. YAY!! I knew I liked this professor. So now I'm working on Phonetics homework.
I also cleaned the fridge today, took out the trash, and continued doing laundry. Despite being a gimp I feel very productive today. Go me!

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Redpengirl said...

Oy, all this talk of homework makes me go, "Blech!" Good luck getting it done. And did you know that pregnancy makes your tendons and ligaments loose? You probably didn't do anything but decide to reproduce, and look how your body is paying you back. Rotten body. :-) Hope the doctors can help!