19 April 2011

Bermuda Triangle

Life is stressful. I get it. Being pregnant changes things. I get that, too.
Welcome to Finals Week at BYU. I am feeling surprisingly calm but that's probably because I only have one final left. Admittedly, my Humanities project caused me stress for about a week straight. Other things that are stressing me out: starting a new job as a student editor in addition to my current job; my last term at BYU starts next week; my apartment is scary (not just messy...scary); and we are getting ready to move.
After feeling icky all night, having close to no sleep due to a 7am Phonetics final (which I aced), and working for 6.5 hours, my body had enough. So it let me know that.
Gross. GROSS. I don't remember the last time I puked; I was probably really young. I don't get sick that often so puking is not something I'm totally familiar with. It was an interesting experience because I wanted it happen, hoping it would make me feel better, and so I was being aware.
I called my mom to get her advice and she reminded me that all the things stressing me out are normal things. I've dealt with them before. But now I'm pregnant which is totally NOT normal. My mom called it "The Bermuda Triangle" and I call it sucky. She prescribed me a sick day tomorrow. I must not go to work, stay in my pjs, make Tyson buy me snacks, and watch movies all day. Nothing else. I'm okay with that plan.
With the new term and my new job starting next week, I'm a little nervous this will happen again. I really hope not. I blame my mom though. She puked once when she was pregnant with me, so now we're even. Don't worry...she's knows I blame her.

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Laura said...

DeeDee, you make me laugh! Love you and hope you feel better!