17 April 2011

Things I Wish

1. I wish my Humanities final would complete itself cause Tyson and I are really struggling to be insightful.
2. I wish I knew magic so I could get all our stuff into one suitcase that I could move to our new apartment and then unpack by magic (think "The Sword in the Stone").
3. I wish that my family lived at least 8 hours closer to me. Jane will live 0.6 miles from me when she moves her. Yes, I looked it up on MapQuest.
4. I wish a boy would ask Jane to mopro. I didn't go to prom but I was totally fine with it. Can't say that she feels the same way.
5. I wish Tyson could sleep. I am pretty sure his body wants to sleep but it doesn't know how.
6. I wish there would be a HUGE thunderstorm in Utah because I like spring showers. I do not like spring blizzards.
7. I wish being pregnant wasn't so dang hard. We watched Robots last night and that sounds like a much better way to birth a baby. Your baby's parts are delivered and then you "labor" to assemble them. But we're not robots so that wouldn't work out. Nine months just seems like forever! It'll go by super fast now that I've only got 8 weeks until I'm absolutely done with school for forever. Forever until my baby starts school. But then it's coloring and easy math. I can do that! It's the writing of papers I'm not so fond of. So close!!!!
8. I wish my friends luck as they search for an apartment in Washington. They're moving there in June and I really want them to find a happy place to live. 
9. I wish I could go with my cousin Matt on his mission. Not for the whole time, but he's going to England! I want to go too!! I'm totally jealous.
10. I wish my baby would kick just a little bit harder so Tyson could feel him kick. I think Tyson feels left out. He followed me around the apartment with his hands on my stomach waiting for our baby to kick...the baby did not cooperate. 

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T.G.F.V. said...

When I was pregnant with Avery, he kicked a lot, but not so much that it was easy for Travis to feel. I also got the feeling that he felt left out. Poor guys!