10 April 2011

We're moving!

Tyson and I are moving to a new apartment at the end of the month. If you didn't know this, don't worry: we found out yesterday. Actually, we decided yesterday. Actually, we only started looking at apartments yesterday. Lots of stuff happened yesterday.
It all started with our current landlord calling to setup an appointment for us to resign our contract since ours is up on May 1. We have thought about moving closer to campus for some time and thought we should check out KSL.com for postings one last time. Boy, did we get lucky. We found a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment that is approximately 1.5 blocks from campus for the same amount of money we are paying now. Yes. It's right on University Avenue at about 800 N. We can see the Indoor Practice Field from our parking lot. This is a huge blessing for us especially since Tyson will be in school for the next two years. It'll be great living so close that he can just walk to class. I'm most excited about this new place because it's next to campus which means I can go on walks by myself, and with the baby when he gets here, and not feel like I'm going to get mugged. This apartment is such a blessing. We were chatting it up with the woman who lives there now and she told us that Thursday, when she was working in the temple, she got twelve calls about the apartment. She called all those people back but no one had contacted her again to come see the apartment. We couldn't believe that so many people had wanted it and hadn't done anything about it.
We looked at that apartment first and then drove to the other side of campus to check out a basement apartment. NO WAY. First of all, the kitchen was in a hallway. No lies. Second, our furniture would not have fit down those stairs. If the main part of the house had been for rent, we may have considered that since living in a house is preferable to an apartment complex.
After looking at the basement we drove back to the first apartment, said a prayer in our car, and went to confirm with the woman that we wanted to sign her contract. We couldn't be more pleased with the whole situation. We are going to sign tomorrow morning and sort out the details for moving in at the end of the month.
Moving is going to be super interesting because school starts again for my April 26 and we are allowed to move in on April 28. This wouldn't be an issue except BYU's Women's Conference is April 28-29 which I will be working at while working my second job and going to classes. On the 28th I'm at class and then work from 10-8pm. The 29th I have work then class from 7:30-4pm. My goal between finals and school starting is to pack up everything that I possibly can so that Tyson can do all the moving and lifting while I'm at work. Hopefully some of our friends will be able to help him since I won't be able to do anything. And it's not just cause I'm preggo! I just won't be there. Not like that makes it any better, I'm just saying.
I didn't take any pics of our new place since there are people currently living there and let's just say they are less organized than we are. There were pics with the ad but I'm fairly certain the pics did not belong with our specific apartment. That's okay though. I'll take plenty of pics when we move in. If anyone in the BYU area wants to help out Tyson, especially big strong men who can help him move our piano since our apartment in on the third floor, that would be greatly appreciated. Any help will be appreciated!


Jane said...

Denise! I hope this new apartment is within a reasonable distance from my dorm. I would like to visit my nephew on occasion. And I am willing to babysit, although I might want you to pay me later on if I am too busy with school. Just warning you. Haha. Love you!

Amy McFarlane said...

how exciting! a two bedroom will be nice with a baby too. i feel like we've always moved when i was either pregnant or had a newborn so dont feel bad :) and we just moved to a new place two weeks ago so i couldn't help either!