02 April 2011

Fabric and Clothes

My in-laws came down for a few hours today. They took us to Joanne's Fabrics so we could pick out fabric for some baby blankets. Colette (my mother-in-law) wanted to make me some baby blankets but wanted me to pick out the fabric. We got a lot of really cute stuff. For some more wintery-type blankets we got some cute fleece that Tyson and I are going to tie tomorrow during conference. We got a white one with blue cartoon spiders, a BYU pattern (gotta start 'em young!), and a blue one with monkey pirates which we'll tie to a plain yellow fleece. I'll take pictures of them when we're doing it tomorrow. 
Tyson has never tied blankets before and was worried he would mess them up. Once I explained how to do it, he felt more confident in his abilities. He was a scout after all.
After that we went to Target where I set up a registry but we didn't register for anything. We picked out some clothes from 0-9 months. Colette wanted me to pick out some things she could give me at my baby shower that she knew I'd like. We got some super cute things! Tyson and I will have to register for stuff later.
I'm super excited to try my hand at sewing. I have blue gingham fabric to make covers for the bumpers my aunt sent me. I also have some fabric I'm going to use to make baby cloth blocks. I have never sewed anything by myself before so I'm worried I'll mess it up. Luckily it's mostly straight lines and I'm an excellent direction-follower. It's too bad my mom doesn't live closer because she could teach me and I'd love that.

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