19 May 2011

New Apartment!

Almost three weeks have gone by since Tyson and I moved into our new apartment. We live super close to campus now which means we walk to school and work everyday. I walk really slow but it's a good workout and we love it. Our new ward is pretty great too. Today marks the first day our apartment is totally clean minus the office/baby room. It feels so great to have a clean and organized home. We are still making minor adjustments to where we prefer to keep things but it's pretty much done. I can't believe we've got this all done in three weeks! We rock. I promised my momma pictures of the apartment but I would NOT send pics of a messy apartment. So, here are pics of our apartment minus the office/baby room. You don't want to see that room anyway. At least, not until we get the baby stuff set up. I know that is what you really want to see.
P.S. One month from today I will be done with college forever and in California for my sister's high school graduation. One month from tomorrow Tyson and I will be at Disneyland with my sisters.
P.S.S. I'm going to write a post all about my sister because I want to wax eloquent about her. So stay tuned for that.

Kitchen Pics

Bathroom/Laundry Room Pics

Living Room Pics

Bedroom Pics


Laura said...

I think it's so precious that your laptops are both on the table. A couple that computes together, stays together! Cute apartment, Deedee! XO

The Wife said...

Thanks, Mater! I work on homework and editing while Tyson plays games. It works for us :)

JONESIES said...

how cute! I can't wait till I grow up and have a place of my own :-)