26 September 2011

One month!

William is one month old today! I can't believe it's been a month already. Time seems to have flown by. My little man is growing lots and doing well. He's starting to smile and coo just a little bit. He is so adorable! I have a hard time putting him down to get stuff done around the house. I just want to hold him all the time.
I am planning to go back to work on Monday, October 10. Luckily I am only working part-time and the first week or so will be laid-back whilst I try to figure out the best schedule for our family.
Tyson is still doing well in school and work despite the late-night disruptions and distractions. I am so glad that he makes time to help out and to play with William.
My car broke again. The guy that sold us our transmission sold us a leaky one, so he's repairing it now. I hate not having my car! But my in-laws came to the rescue, again. They are letting me borrow the family tank (uh, I mean, Suburban) so that I can still drive around town.
My birthday is in a week! If you know me, you know I LOVE my birthday. I would say it's the one day that is set aside just to party and celebrate me :D but with Tyson and William pampering me all the time, the only thing special about this birthday will be that we'll be at D-Land with my mom. We are excited to use our passes and to take William even though he's so little. I'm particularly excited for Katie to meet William. She wasn't able to come up with my dad since she had school and dance classes but that's okay.
General Conference is this weekend and I cannot wait! I was telling Tyson that we have to listen to every talk now since we have a kid. We don't get to ignore the ones about parenting or kids. Okay, we never ignored them before, but I think it'll be interesting to listen to Conference with the ears of a parent, not just those of a married woman.
I'm really terrible at conclusions so I'll just say that October is the best month of the year and I love my man and my little man more than anything!

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Jane said...

Isn't he technically not one month old until the 29th? I guess if you are counting months by 4 weeks, then you are right. But I always thought they measured it by date... you don't have to post this comment, I'm just curious :)